Lighting is still god awful!

Noticed this especially in the finale of Convocation of Decay which is generally pretty dark, when the thing blows up to kill a sorcerer though it suddenly gets bright and the game tries to compensate it and my screen goes pitch black for a second. There’s areas in the game which turn just too dark when there’s a light source near.

In general there’s a lot of issues with lighting which have been addressed several times during the beta. Can we have a word on this please? What effect is it, is it an engine issue or just a matter of tuning?

Last room in Righteous Stand is over-lit. When I watched dev stream lighting there was really cool, but for some reason we have super-light room

Its far worse than in the beta, why>?

My guess is there was a lot of reports that several areas on maps was too dark, and they overtuned it. Though it should have been a gentle touch.

I was playing the skittergate and for everyone in my game there was this one area in the snow cave where the game went ridiculously bright for everyone like we’d all been hit by a flashbang grenade.

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