Lighting Issues

Every-time I use rightclick on Sienna the left side of my screen goes super bright and I can’t see anything.
Also in the Screaming Bell mission every-time a lightning hits, the whole screen changes to very bright and then I can’t see anything again.

Anyone with the same or similar lighting issues?
Any ideas on how to solve them?

I was hoping the first one would be a problem only during the beta but apparently it is still in the release.

I am also finding a weird lighting glitch, though this only happens in really dark areas for me. It inverts lightness and darkness.

I have had this before. I got through the entire temple of sigma map without an issue.

Then suddenly once we were in the temple the entire area went bright, I found myself thinking ‘the hell, don’t recall it looking like this in beta.’

So apparently it’s a bug!

Same here. I thought is was mu gamma setting, but the church it os super bright and my weapon is black.

I got the same issue as The21stPotato today in the Skittergate map

Have you tried to put ambient lighting on high? That worked in betas.

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