Since the 1.4.0 patch

Issue Summary:
Since the 1.4.0 patch was released on December 10th, the color schemes in my game have been off. Some places are so bright that it’s blinding while other places are so dark that I cannot see anything in front of me. Before the patch, I had no weird lighting issues in the game.

-The event in Righteous Stand is so bright that it hurts my eyes.
-The snow areas on the Skittergate map is so bright that it hurts my eyes.
-Fortunes of War is so incredibly dark (even after increasing gamma to 3.0) that I can’t see anything but my weapon.
-Everything goes dark when I enter the Bridge of Shadows.

Changing my ambient lighting setting does not make any noticeable changes even after I restart the game.

I tried every possible video setting from lowest quality graphics to medium to no avail. I can run the game on High settings but I suffer from massive FPS drops during hordes. Even then I cannot seem to adjust the lighting to where everything looks normal and not go from extreme bright to extreme dark.

Please, if someone out there is having the same problem, tell me how to fix it!

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
Before the patch released, having my ambient lighting setting set to HIGH removed the excess brightness of the snow and being inside the Bridge of Shadows was a normal color. This no longer works for me

Screenshot of example of this annoying color difference:
Inside the Bridge of Shadows, everything becomes dark blue

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