Lights out, but why?

So let me get this right… the power is out but literally all the electronics except for the lights still work. Okay? How?

Regardless, why can the ranged enemies see perfectly in the dark but we can’t see 5 feet in front of us? And no flashlight option on all weapons means this is just unfair with the AI director it its current state on maelstrom. All it does is spawn snipers and gunners outside of your ability to see so you just lose if you have no flashlights on the squad.

So just bring one. But I don’t want to be forced to use only certain weapons when lights out happens to spawn for the maelstrom, that is terrible game design.

I am not complaining about the dark of lights out, I do actually like it, only the fairness of ranged enemies having no change to their behavior in the dark when melee enemies will actually not see you until you are close to them. (though I am questioning the legitimacy of it for lore reasons based on literally all the electrical systems still operating perfectly fine and the outdoor maps being unnaturally more dark just because of the modifier)

Until you give us the ability to put flashlights on any ranged weapon we want I advocate for the temporary removal of this modifier. (I am aware of that one mod, I don’t want to use it)


power is only directed to critical systems when in an emergency

some mosquitoes have more than 2 corrupted green eyes

thats the whole point of a challenge, lights out isnt just a change of scenery

u did

u have a point

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Even in modern day emergency system exist that cut power to non-essentials while keeping essentials going such as filtration. Generally speaking now a days we have emergency lights but even those fail at times if the power gets screwy.

When you get used to working in pitch black conditions your eyes naturally adjust and you can generally see even in near pitch black conditions. Dudes in Vietnam during the Vietnam war got used to night fighting.

I mean ive gotten through with squads that don’t have one and if you are queing for maelstrom then you KNOW what the modifier is.

I’ll be honest, ive never seen a lights out on an hourglass mission. Unless someone can give me a screenshot of an outside area with lights out then i have no idea what you are referring too.

Even then power failures happen irl, let alone in a tight packed city that requires systems to be constantly maintained which is likely getting none due to the invasion.

What we’re doing is closer to fighting inside a building without any lights than outdoor night fighting. Humans can adapt to low light, but when there’s no light, that’s a different story.

It’s not a fix exactly, but you can run the weapon customisation mod and add a torch to any gun. Your teammates won’t see the beam, but you will.

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I mean yes and no.

A lot of the Fallujah fighting was also in tight packed and dark buildings where some people had flashlights and some people did not.

You also had tunnel rats as well as Vietnamese solders who would fight in total darkness in dark cramped tunnels.

This is also not ruling out some of the helmets having auspec night vision or rule out them taking a temp stim to increase their night vision for a period hence the glowing eyes of walkers and others.

Like to me it’s not a far reach to see a lore reason considering the technology does exist in 40k and even barring the technology you are the ruinous powers.

This is also not getting into the effect that living in a hive city for probably a decade would have on humans, for some of them daylight must be blindingly bright.

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No, you are just claiming I am complaining. I am just pointing out inconsistencies and saying a general “Why is this” did you miss the part where I said I actually like the dark missions?

So literally, and I do mean literally, every single other system is critical? Because all the other systems work?

That doesn’t explain why they can see perfectly and we can’t.

And I already said that is not good game design, that is arbitrary difficulty “oh it is only harder because you didn’t bring that weapon” I clicked quickplay and loaded directly into a mission, I didn’t have a choice to change my loadout. That is an invalid argument.

Emergency lights are a thing, a very common thing. Elevators typically are not something that function under emergency power, we all of the elevators still work fine, they are even well lit (not even emergency power lit). The cargo elevators obviously are dark but those things don’t have lights to begin with.

So why do our guys not have that ability? Night fighting is not the same as pitch-black fighting. Have you ever been outside at light in a part of town experiencing a total power-loss? because I have and let me tell you I can see much farther than in this game.

Quickplay will actually match you into maelstrom if it is the difficulty you selected to quickplay. Don’t know if it is supposed to do that, but I have certainly gotten into a match, hit tab, and seen maelstrom modifiers as the missions mods.

Sure, sure… so why don’t we have that? Frankly I would love a night-vision toggle option or like a squad equipment pickup that you deploy and the squad can grab night vision for an amount of time.

I have mentioned this in the other replies but dim-light vision being the answer begs the question “okay, so why don’t our guys have that ability?” I mean sure, you load in to the missions and it is very dark but if you have been in a dark room with even a little ambient light you will note how quickly your eyes adjust to the lower lighting conditions.

If the enemies are adapted to the dark, then the flashlight should have a temporary blinding effect on them because that is how someone that has been in the dark for extended periods of time reacts to sudden bright light (and then subsequently lose their dim light adapted vision).

It is just a lazy mechanic is all I am getting at asking these questions. I like it, I just wish they would do more with it.

to question is an insult to your master

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Play lights out on Smelter Complex HL-17-36 and tell me those smelters coming online didn’t give you chills.


Sure and that is why I like lights out but at the same time the light they put off does not illuminate the area nearly enough.

Poor Ogryn. They have the biggest hitbox yet no access to a flashlight. Originally there was supposed to be a weapon attachment system so if you wanted you could just throw a flashlight on your favorite non flashlight weapon and solve this issue.

As far as I know, the lights out modifier is never applied to the 3 outdoor maps

Beware of real life arguments - I‘ve trained at night in forrests. A lot. If the trees were far apart and the sky relatively clear it was fine. Denser areas and cloudy skies could mean that even some night vision devices stopped working as they needed rest light they could enhance.
A hive city regularly blocks out any natural light sources and isn‘t comparable to our cities in any way.
That said I agree that enemy vision should be as impaired as ours.
I don’t get all this complaining about Quickplay though. I never quickplay and so can choose the mission I want. I have flashlight builds for all my characters (except Ogryn) - so I can enter lights out prepared. (On ogryn I use my shield build). If you don’t like being thrown into lights out - stop quick playing as long as that is on the board. For me it’s probably my favourite modifier alongside ventilation issues and I don’t want it to be taken of rotation.

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Ah but that is precisely why I mentioned areas of cities that are experiencing a blackout are still way more visible than this. I am not using real life as an argument, people are saying the enemies can see because they have adapted to it (a real life argument) and I am simply asking “then why can’t we?” as a response and giving actual examples that anyone that has been outside in a city at night would be able to relate to.

All the little glowing objects around the map? Yeah those are producing more than enough light for natural human low-light vision to be quite decent.

Let’s put it this way. At night turn off all the lights in your home and shutter the windows. Now leave just your phone on (not the flashlight, just the screen) and put it in the next room over. Leave your computer monitor on. Now go into a room that is open to either of those sources of light and notice how well you can actually see.

I’m not saying “IRL you can see in the dark” I am saying if that is the reason enemies can see fine then the player should be able to see at the very least 10-15m instead of the barely 5m we currently have in lights out. IF that is the reason (and I don’t think it is).

Agreed - I think the reason is an oversight by the devs. And as I said - I’m with you, that enemies shouldn’t be able to see us either. To go a step further - how cool and immersive could it be if scab shooters would use flashlights themselves to find us?

Yeah exactly! You know that one bridge section of chasm station where they turn on the flood lights to blind us while we wait for the elevator? They clearly do need light to see and are not just using night vision (otherwise they wouldn’t have turned the flood lights on) so it would be really cool to have the ranged enemies run around with flashlights in lights out missions.

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Yes, if anything enemies should have their own light sources during lights out. One or two luminators/flashlights per group of scabs, dregs would be using burning torches and the occasional lantern. Less idle enemies and more patrols (since they’re huddling together and stomping around for security). Make it that some enemy types (like scabs stalkers) douse their lights when alerted and engaging. It would round out Lights Out and add a lot of atmosphere if enemies are affected as much as you are.


Gamify it.

It would be nice if most enemies had a harder time noticing you in the dark IF you don’t use a flashlight.

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