Enamy highlight tags obscure information

much like the title suggests the topic is about the current tagging system, I’m grateful for the team banging one out in the time they did though I beleive further refinement can be done to improve the system.

The current implementation as of writing this bears a striking skull icon hovering over a tagged enamy that preforms the function of highlighting dengerous specials it also comes with an unintended side effect of becoming visual clutter to players senses, so much so i’ve enocountered many a ranged player who doesn’t want to use it because it can impair their aim.

The skull unfortunatly is the main source of the players negative feedback on the system.

while stationary single enamies don’t really see much issue with this the problem becomes more apparent as unless your aiming down sight the skull obscures the outline of the special in question. which can throw off headshoots for some players.

But where it becomes entirely unattractive is when fireing from elevations where the tag could very well serve as an unintentional line of sight block like seen here.

enamy or other specials become obscured and information can be lost especially in the heat of battle.

now what I call the “sticker” tags themselves serve another issue. Arguably worse and why they’re rarely used by many groups from my experiance.

the skull in this case refuses to move or change opacity when viewed directly.

The intention behind the tags are good, the exacution is less so. When communication barriers are an issue in public lobbies obscuring enamies can become an unintentional hinderence.

Or in the wrong hands an intentional annoyence to hinder the playstyles of ranged classes.

I prepose the outlines alone give the needed information players need, the skull is not really needed, we have a working model already.

Sometimes less is more. And the blue colour is a decent to consider when fire and las guns can obscure the highlights altogther, not even the skull helps in that reguard.

I suggest giving player control to the highlight colours in giving them access to the RGB value so they can adjust it accordingly to what their comfertable with. Which will also aid players with differing monitor value settings and visual quirks some folk have.

As for the stickers, opacity value adjustments to make them still visable, see through and disapear and when ADS should make them allot more appealing and helpful to team coordination.

If players have their own feedback on this by all means.


Guess it is my turn this time:

There is a mod for that.
No Skull at Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)

But yes. Something should be done about it.

mods are nice.

but alas not everyones gonna be equipped and we’ll also need these tools at a decent enough standerd when it comes to communication barriers.