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After playing for many hours with character contours on I deactivated them as I wanted the game to look a bit better.

Of course, friendly fire occurred more often, I got lost from the group more often, Hunger in the Dark and Blightreaper darkness felt like an enemy once again and game looked better overall without the outlines. As WHC is one of my go-to chars, the tagging mechanic came under a new light. Besides the extra damage, the contour struck me a solid help for all players, especially in the dark.

What I need to know is does the tagging become tiring to team mates? I do it almost compulsively now, even on other classes. Would it be better if the contour appeared only when vision is obstructed or make the tagged enemy stand out by other means?

No strong opinion on this, I think it’s fine the way it is now. My only issue is when there’s a WHC, trying to tag elites in quick succession to meet certain breakpoints is a little too slow. Like if a taggable enemy dies, the delay on your next tag should be reset or something. Tagging for me has just become a habit, even if it’s for a special that I can handle within the next second.

WHC with rapier is generally a non-standard-button clickfest. Rapier has pistol atyack, our tag actually matters, each timd I play WHC I have to readjust my playstyle, so I get wrecked at the very beginning of the mission and get progressively better the further we go. Wish special attack button saw widespread use one day.

I’m still accommodating to being able to fire while holding block.
It would certainly be nice for each weapon to have a special attack, unfortunately I don’t think all of them could accommodate such a feature. Mini-taunt for shield weapons is the first to come in mind, or hilt overhead attacks for swords and 2h swords as a more on demand AP action, impaling attacks for spears or maybe even a spear jump, and so on.
I’d also like seeing dual weapons allowing you to throw one at an enemy but I think this will never make it in the game.

Getting back to initial topic, what if we could disable outlines completely for enemies. Blightstormer would be a bit harder to find but i’d like the challenge.

Or dongliz strike for dwarf so he can get the headshot bonus vs tall enemies without jumping :stuck_out_tongue:

An aspiring dawi can only dream :star_struck:

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Tagging things is a pretty basic mechanic in the game, and a huge help to everyone on the team, with WHC or without. It helps noticing Elites (and a few specials), from crowds and otherwise, and makes their attacks easier to track. It allows tracking the otherwise annoying to find Specials, and helps to draw attention to any extra resources you find.

It’s a mechanic that ends up (or at least should) a second nature for seasoned players, and is far more helpful than distracting, at least for me.

Yea, tagging makes huge difference and you should be doing it. Especially when 2 elites are stacked, or right behind each other. Seeing that blue outline and knowing a SV behind the one you can see is about to overhead through it can save a run.

I don’t care. I tag whatever I want people to pay attention to. I wish more people would do it. I feel like I’m the only one most of the time.

Tagging something is a sure way to make sure it dies fast. People seem to have a compulsion to kill the tagged target. Tagging elites/specials in a pack also helps to prevent anyone eating a surprise overhead or getting grabbed.

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