WHC's tag should have its own unique color

I’m personally not a fan of how WHC’s main passive works currently. As I understand it, his passive can be applied by the whole team. This doesn’t really fit with his leader archetype. Honestly, it feels like it was put together last minute especially given how it uses the same buff as shrapnel.

I think it would be better if WHC got his own uniquely colored mark. The color doesn’t really matter too much as long as it’s notably different. Anyone that Saltz marks would take 20% extra damage. You could even make his mark last longer so that he doesn’t have to keep reapplying it.

Wait, isn’t that a nerf? Yes and no. You could very well argue that his unique tag would have a powerful psychological effect on your team. Currently, most teammates are completely oblivious to WHC captains passive. This new distinct tag would subconsciously encourage your teammates to target whoever you have tagged. In pubs, I could see this as being a pretty meaningful buff.

However, this would be a straight nerf with a more organized team. As such, I think to compensate, either his ult or his talents need to get some love. Imo his ult could definitely do with higher crit chance or maybe a longer duration.

I believe this change to his passive coupled together with some other minor buffs would make WHC a far more enjoyable and thematically interesting character.


Suggestion: Leave the tagging mechanic as is, give him a unique tag that makes targets take even more damage. Make it that he himself deals an extra 5% damate to marked targets.


That seems a bit… overly complicated. The main point of my post was as a suggestion to make his passive more intuitive and fun to use. Adding more complexity to an already uninituitive passive doesn’t really seem logical. I’m a big fan of “simple is better.”

Great idea, no offense to any WHC mains but he’s one of the most boring careers in the game right now and changing the colour of his tag would make such a big difference.

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Few players bother to tag stuff and use his passive.
WHC can’t tag everything by himself.

Very annoying.

A visual cue could help.

Even when elites and specials are tagged, they rarely live long enough for the group to visibly benefit from the tagging. Even as WHC, when a special is nearby, I just give it the good old “Have a face full of arrows, you abomination!” treatment from the Volley Crossbow. Faster and safer then tagging them first. It’s most helpful when the tagging stays on for longer, i.e. during bossfights, but even then, you have to keep re-tagging the boss AND I can’t really tell if there’s additional damage or not. Boss fights just last long, I can’t tell if we saved 5 seconds there or not due to the tag.

I don’t think that is his purpose. His job should be to let his team know which enemy needs to be brought before Sigmar first. Simply put, his tag should set the kill priority and enable his team to do so faster.

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I disagree. 20% can make a world of difference. It allows most weapons to hit new break points even if you are not aware of it. I do agree that tagging a single storm vermin doesn’t make much of a difference. However, tagging CWs, bosses, and specials makes dealing with them much safer. Your job as WHC should be to set the kill priority. I don’t think his ability needs to completely destroy all elites. That’s why I suggested those other buffs to go along with this change.

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He often can’t tag fast enough to keep up with his own killing rate e.g. soloing packs of SV.

This feels flawed since by legend elites come in packs and there’s no way to tag “kill this pack first”.
It’s worse for the WHC since his buff is core for his gameplay while other players may have enough damage to only view it as a plus.
Safe for bosses ofc.

As I suggested to dlood, he doesn’t need to be an auto win against all taggable targets. Basically just read that comment.

Also, how is a WHC soloing a patrol? Maybe if it where all normal SV but a couple of shield vermin mixed in will make a volley bow feel pretty worthless.

Yep, an unique colour would be nice for his tag and he should go over other tags.

Where do people get this idea that it doesn’t stack with sharpnel, it always has and still does.

Or maybe just a skull icon above the heads of pinged enemies when he’s in the party, or something. Just a way to suggest that they take bonus damage. When people really start to realize it, he’s a very useful class who only needs a little more identity and a few buffs to his ult to make him extremely good.

Someone did testing awhile back on all of WHC’s abilities. It was found that both his passive and shrapnel used the same buff. As such they apparently didn’t work together.

You might very well be right. Have you done any testing yourself?

That could work. I figured that changing the color of his tag would probably be relatively easy to implement. Really, the important part is that it is distinct. How they would go about it doesn’t really matter to me. People will catch on quickly enough.


Noone has ever confirmed this. The tests, originally performed by grimalackt, specifically mentioned shrapnel did stack with offbalance/critondamage/WHC tag.

I’ll take your word for it. I might have misunderstood the data when I first read it.

Tagging has become a reflexive action for me, I tag as I shoot so there’s no waste of time. Basically when not holding “D” with my index finger I constantly spam “T” throughout the level. I don’t know, it’s probably the spotting habit that I developed while playing Battlefield 4.

Anyway, back to the topic. This is a nice idea and could be done through a mode. As @BizarreSalp suggested, skull icon would be really nice.

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I spam T myself (I also played a lot of Battlefield, so I know it’s important :wink: ), but there seems to be an internal cooldown or something along that line, because after I tag one elite, I can’t seem to instantly tag another.

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