WHC - Witch Hunt Clarity

Would it be possible to change the text for the witch hunt passive on the witch hunter captain?

Although currently it does suggest that in general, tagged enemies do take additional damage. A number of people are under the impression that only the WHC gets the additional damage. Even a small change such as “Tagged enemies take additional damage from everyone” would be alright. Even better would be adding the fact its a 20% damage increase for 5 seconds.


i think it would be better to get them to give him a kit that does something useful , he like a lot of other careers was designed for a much different game we have way higher power scores now and everything dies in 1-2 hits so anything under a 50% damage boost isn’t going to actually make any difference in the hits to kill. sure against bosses hes like having the grenade debuff for a short time and it makes a difference there but i really dont think thats a big enough reason for him to exist.

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20% more damage actually allows a lot of characters to hit breakpoints on taggable enemies very easily. As well as being a good damage increase for boss fights. WHC isnt as good in difficulties below legend but the 20% increase in legend is very useful. This is more about improving the clarity of the text so more people understand what WHC brings to the team anyway, not his overall balance.


This is very subjective. I like using the Rapier and am good at targeting heads with the charged attack. Marking targets can cut down the number of stabs by 1-3 depending on which enemy. It’s great when fighting Chaos Warriors.

And if you like playing Deeds, which I do, and get the one with increased special spawns, it’s a savior in dealing with them quickly. It can turn a 2-3 shot ranged kill into a 1-2 shot.

Yeah WHC is surprisingly good in Legend.

The tagging ability is far underestimated. They need to state though that ANYONE can tag an enemy and get that 20% damage while the WHC is in party… AND that it only lasts 5 seconds so you have to tag it again after that time period.

Each party member can tag any enemy they’re on and get the 20% damage on that target.

But yes… it is surprisingly huge on Boss Mob battles. Especially when you have a Shade in party. They already do pretty massive damage… add another 20% to it and pow…

Obviously your personal damage is incredibly high with Deathknell for +20% damage on headshot and then the +20% more for tagging. And that’s not even including the instant kill on crit headshot all of which works with both Ranged and Melee weapons.

EDIT: I actually have tagging remapped to a side button on my mouse for faster use.

The flipped side is the WHC is also compatible with Ranged groups, this is a successful Legend run in Convocation of Decay from this morning. Where it was the old Meta group in play, geared with Falchion and Volley.

I would like to see WHC be changed a little. The ult does not state what it does very clearly and the cooldown is way too long.

What are your experiences with his one-shot headshot ability? From testing on dummies it would seem you can get about one crit every 5 hits depending on gear and temporary buffs. I think this ability sounds very good but is not very practical due to it being so inconsistent.

I really think WHC should have a way of increasing crit chance more. Whether that would be an aura like krubers archer career or a counter that increases crit chance for every hit that is not a crit.

Even more crit for Saltzpyre, his Weapon have all pretty high base crit Chance, for “Animosity” with the 30% reduces of Cooldown plus killed Enemys you dont have to wait long for it(even if its still to long for you, you could get “Resourceful Combatant” on a Rapier/Falchion). Like a bit mentioned before the WHC is for Legend cause there is the need to deal with Special as fast as possible.

You may be right about the base crit chance, but from my very limited testing you don’t crit often enough to make good use of the headshot instant kills.

Maybe make it so that every x seconds you get an instant kill on a charged attack headshot.

wow is this how it works ??? the mark ability ? I didn’t know… I might switch back to WHC then

You crit often enough, no need to copy BH´s passive, lad.

Well it could be like every 15 or 20 seconds and would only trigger on a heavy charged attack headshot.

The 20% tag damage bonus was only for WHC, not team members. Have they changed it ?

Its been like this since release at least. Some of the guys who help make mods/datamine confirmed it. Also exactly why the description needs changing.

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