Don't hide important/useful information

Prime example of this is the Witch Hunter Captain’s Witch-Hunt passive
Tagged enemies take increase damage
I have heard so many different things regarding how this passive works and I only found out how it actually works today after almost 200 hours in game.

Explanations of how the passive works that I’ve read/heard from other players

  • Makes tagged enemies take 8/10/15/20% more damage from everyone
  • Makes tagged enemies take more damage only from the WHC
  • Makes tagged enemies take more damage but only if the WHC tags them
  • Makes tagged enemies take more damage, doesn’t matter who tags them
  • As long as the enemy as the blue outline it means it’s taking increased damage
  • Enemies only take increased damage for a few seconds after being tagged, regardless of if they have the blue outline or not

only just now after seeing this

which I’ll assume is correct until proven otherwise, have I understood how it actually functions. Why is this so obtuse? Why does the Witch-Hunt passive not simply say ‘When enemies are tagged they take 20% more damage for 5 seconds’.

This passive is actually really bloody good, if WHC is in your team every single taggable enemy basically has 20% less max hp, including bosses, as long as your team consistently tags them. That’s quite significant and while it doesn’t make WHC a spectacular class, he certainly still has issues, it lifts him up from the ‘garbage class’ stigma that he seems to have right now (along with Battle Wizard which is legitimately garbage).

I’ve ranted a lot about the WHC, but the same applies for most characters. Nowhere does the game tell you Ranger Veteran and Huntsman’s specials significantly increase your damage output. Nowhere does the game hint or indicate you can block while reviving people. Nowhere does the game tell you you can cancel charge-movement specials by blocking midcharge. Why does the game not tell me how much Kerillian’s regen/boosted regen/party regen recovers, same for the Natural Bond trait?

None of this seems like unreasonable information to give to the player, most of it is stuff that is actually pretty important to know if I want to play effectively, stop hiding it.


That’s right. Skill descriptions must contain more information and must be much more transparent.
Current situation may cause some of the careers not to play, considering them unattractive.
The same with weapons. Why we don’t have info about weapon speed, strenght… like in V1?

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Information like this needs to be displayed. I shouldn’t be putting faith in random peeps online when it comes to knowing hidden passives and percentages. Why isn’t this stuff public?

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