Tagging needs some tweaking

  1. If another character is talking, your character won’t call out when you tag something because they’re too polite. It feels horrible when I’m tagging enemies and my teammates don’t even notice, like the game is against me. Tagging items without audio is annoying sometimes too, but it’s not usually urgent.

  2. The range from which you can tag isn’t far enough sometimes. If we can see it, let us tag it.

  3. Elites are usually lower priority than specials, and it would be nice if they had a different colored outline.

3,5. Tagging some enemies like Maulers and Berserker type enemies don’t have any voice lines. They are usually lower priority than specials, but if they sneak up behind someone it’s hard to warn them.

Fun game regardless!


It can also be hard to tag the right thing some times.

You Walk past ammo and health when everyone has plenty of heling items, you try to tag the ammo because you know that elf already needs it again, but the game tags the healing item and noone cares.

True true

Yeah, the cursor should highlight/outline the item you want pinged instead of just writing “Press E to pickup…” on screen which is just not helping in the middle of a fight. Trying to read the sentence to figure out what you’re actually pointing at takes a long time especially since the font and font colors don’t really differ much from most scene colors.

And how about allowing one ping per player (perhaps with different outline colors) so we can track who is actually targetting/paying attention to what? This is more helpful for non-voip pub groups of course.

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