Why does tagging have a cooldown? And why does tagging items trigger it?

It’s already annoying that if an elite is close to a special you can accidentally tag the elite and then you can’t tag the special for like 3 seconds. But I could understand that for balance purposes. What I don’t understand is why, when I accidentally tag a damn item that was close to a special, I’m forced to wait 3 seconds until I can tag the special. When your ranged breakpoints rely on tagging it gets really annoying.

It’s not a matter of getting better at tagging either. Sometimes an item will be directly in your line of sight to the special, and of course the game prioritizes tagging the item if it’s closer. Here’s what I suggest:

  • Make tagging have the priority specials>monsters>elites>items regardless of distance to the player
  • Make it so the cooldown only triggers when you tag an elite (and maybe a special)

That would pretty much respect the current balance while making WHC less frustrating to play against specials.


I feel like you could really annoy your teammates with spam ping sounds if there wasn’t a cooldown

It doesn’t need to be as long as it is right now though


Only reason I can think of is that no cooldown tag could be incredibly infuriating if someone were to just constantly spam it or troll with it.
Some Qol might be nice but realistically I think its in solid state already.


They could do the same thing they do with chat messages. If you spam it too much it stops working for a few seconds


But still, imagine binding mouse wheel down to ping and nuking your teammates ears every X seconds

Probably but that’s also prone to problems if you are actually doing useful tags. So where is the line between spam and useful pings?
Imo apart from some QoL like you suggested prioritizing specials, I really don’t think the system needs many changes. You got 4 people pinging already which should be more than enough or do you really feel like you need to tag +50 specials in a minute?

Yeah you just kick him… If you can :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, sometimes tagging can derp you big time. Especially since specials are immaterial and can phase through a hyperdense horde and get you, tagging them is pretty much essential.
In an ideal world, that cooldown might be ok, but when the game stacks so many unfixed bugs on top of each other, it can become downright infuriating.

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That’s exactly how I play the game. And that’s exactly the reason I think cd is there.

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