Can we get some pings or maybe even macros for chat messages?

Something like,

  • Ambush! Defend on my position!
  • They are swarming, hold chokepoint!
  • You hold frontline, I will cover the back!
  • Disabler!
  • Help!

I played a game with someone in a pub who uses all of those and more with autohotkey and it was extremly helpful. It woould be very nice to have some hotkeys we can use for individual text messages or have moba-like calls and pings.


Great idea. What i would also like to so in addition to this, is an increase in the range of marked items.
Most of the time my teammates dont know/dont see healing because theyre out of range to see the tagged object. Dont know the point behind the idea to make tagged objects only visible in a small area.

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This is another thing people have been asking for since beta. Iā€™d like it even better if they were voiced.

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