[Suggestion] Add simple voice & chat lines/commands

I understand some people may not want to use the mic or even perma mute voice chat for teammates, so this could easily solve most of the communication problems in game:

Pls consider adding some simple voice & chat commands like “Group up”, “Get back”, “Help!”, “Careful!”, etc.

Something like the Left4Dead games had and something like Dota 2 also has. Example: https://i.imgur.com/boQLv4V.jpg.

Also, maybe make them have like a ~1 min cooldown so they can’t be spammed non-stop.


i agree with the cooldown but maybe 1 min is too much?

Had a guy not to long ago that pulled a patrol after all three of us said on voice to watch out and marked it. He explained to us after that he has voice chat turned off because it ruins his immersion… lol.

A simple (if hopefully temporary) solution: A few simple macros for “enter; text; enter” to make quick comments in the text chat. A few manually triggerable voice lines would be more fun, though, and probably more useful too. Make a few different ones for each trigger (like there are for the usual lines) so they wouldn’t repeat themselves too often.

Yep, the pace of the game is too fast for a full minute cooldown, and too rare a call might get missed anyway. Then again, a shorter cooldown might easily cause annoying spamming. The best solution may be to give a conditional cooldown: Only a few seconds normally, but if you spam the same command, say, twice or thrice in a short time, then a longer period (a minute or two?) before you can say the same thing (or possibly anything) again.

I can already imagine Kerillian calling out in an annoyed voice “Could someone please help me with these wounds?”

Fully support this.
C:MW for example had really good voice commands which was one of the most fun things about it.

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