Voice chat indicator

I think it would be super nice to have some kind of indicator of who’s speaking in the voice chat. That would be also good to let you know if your voice is actually heard in-game. Most co-op and multiplayer games have this feature and playing without it feels so awkward.


Can’t agree more. It’s really silly with how transient public groups are for some games to go along these lines…

“I need a heal” or “I need help”

“Who are you?”

“XYZ character”

(proceed to confuse their voice with someone else 2 minutes later.


I just came in here to propose the same with voice chat indicator.

Also it would be nice to be able to have text chat on non stop.

I was going to make a new thread suggesting Voice Com indicators, but this person has already covered it.

Please, please, please consider implementing this. It would help tremendously while doing public runs. Like, a small microphone symbol next to the hero portrait when someone is speaking.

Also, the ability to know who has voice chat disabled/muted would be helpful, too. I’ve had miscommunication problems b/c I’d be talking on my mic, but somebody (a host, in fact) disabled voice chat so nobody could hear me talking out plans and such.

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This shouldn’t have to be discussed in 2018 but here we are… This QoL feature is fairly standardized across the market and if I had a guess, was probably missed or put on the back burner to focus efforts elsewhere. I agree with you 100% that this should be implemented, maybe someone in the mod community could create it to be white listed at a later date. Would be nice to hear from FS about these types of QoL features being added to the game more importantly WILL they add them.

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