Voice chat indicator near portrait


It would be very nice (and it’s even major) to have a voice chat indicator. How often people called for help where you would need first to look around who could have said that. Or when people are trolling and abusing VC for whatever reason so we can mute them efficiently.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or something, just so we know who is talking.

What you guys think about it?


yea this has been brought up multiple times as a request. you have a nice visual guide on what it should look like, just an indicator for speech

hopefully they implement this soon

Dear god yes please. Can’t undestand why it’s not there.


Good to know that other also want it in :slight_smile: too bad the devs won’t even look into this thrad anyway :smiley:

Bump every half hour for the next 3 months me thinks!

if I do that I will probably be banned from the forums :smiley:

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This has been requested since VT1. It’s my understanding that this is due to a technical limitation based on their use of steam’s voice chat API.

If VT2 is using the steam API for voice chat, then it should be possible. L4D1/2 also uses that one then and there you also see a speech bubble at the portraits (iirc) if someone speaks

I am quite certain that technically it is possible to code it. Not saying that it is easy, but doable.

I read somewhere that L4D1/2 have it because they use a a steam voice chat API with increased functionality that are available for steam/valve games that are unavailable to Fatshark.

Then it would be even easier for FS to get in here, say “No, it’s not possible due to technical restrictions” rather than us having to guess if it’s possible or not :smiley:

It’s okay if it doesn’t work, but an official statement won’t hurt.

yeah this would be cool

They may have actually even said this before during VT1 somewhere on Reddit but I’m not certain. This was requested so often for VT1 I have to believe they addressed this somewhere before.

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