Voice chat volume option needs to be higher at max

It maxes out way too low, even at 100 other players are barely a whisper. You can turn the game volume or the master volume up, but that doesn’t fix anything because it increases all the background noise too. If I could bump the voice chat slider up 2x or 3x what it is at max now I might be able to make out what my teammates are saying.

Also a voice chat indicator would be lovely, but that’s another problem entirely.


Are you on pc? I have to turn mine down pretty low otherwise it murders my ears…

Voice chat in this game has always been shoddy. You would think in a game that requires instant communication it would have a decent voice chat, but it isn’t even half decent. No one can ever hear me, a problem exclusive to this game. I fixed it once somehow, but then it went right back to being too low. Other times one player says he can hear me fine, and the other says they can’t hear me at all. The poor voice chat is a known issue by just about everyone, and is demonstrated by the fact that a quick chat system was implemented, because most people in the community gave up even trying to use the voice chat. Yes, some people don’t have headsets, but we’re talking about gamer’s here and the large majority do.

It’s been broken during this beta and now into the live. My wife and I are on discord, we can hear each other perfectly even when we whisper. Meanwhile we can scream into the mic in game and not hear each other. Then, next game, it works again…


My game chat worked great before the balance beta. Now it works about halfway thru the first game and then no one can hear me at all, but I can still hear everyone else.

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I remember a few months ago – even a couple months ago – voice chat seemed to work decently, but due to volume issues, I had to turn all my game volume down to about 40-50% and leave voice chat volume at 100% just to hear somebody normally. People didn’t usually have a difficult time hearing me, but then again I have a some-what professional grade microphone that I take time to adjust the gain appropriately for others.

All that said, the voice chat volume has always been an issue, but recently (maybe even since before the 1.3 patch), the voice chat as been very unreliable. Most of the time, people can’t hear me at all, and if they can, I am very difficult to understand because I come through too quiet. This is also vice versa when I listen to others. I have a buddy I regularly play with, and I don’t hear him in game at all, anymore. We just stick to using Discord and typing/chat wheel when interacting with random players.

Please… PLEASE implement a voice chat indicator to see who’s speaking during combat, and a little more customization to voice chat controls (especially volume).

Thank you.

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