Voice Chat ducking is a required option please

People might view this suggestion in different ways but here goes.

I have adequate hearing. I have tried alternately:

  • a high quality sound bar and speakers (Optical)
  • a hi-fi grade set of Beyerdynamic headphones (oooh, get me!) with standard 3.5mm jack, and
  • I’ve also got a run of the mill work Jabra set paired with a mic (USB) from work at £120 or so

I’ve tested this with all three.

On none of these can I hear people clearly when they talk in game on the voice chat.

I have audio level on 100%. It’s unintelligible.

I can touch type pretty quickly to send messages in game, but I know some don’t. It’s so frustrating when people talk and I’ve just no idea what they want. It kills any semblance of a pug group working together across different 1st languages and/or typing speed.


Can we PLEASE have a tick box ducking option?

Sure if someone wants to start singing then I’ll mute them, maybe - unless they’re good - but as it stands it’s just a void of frustration where they think I can hear them but I just can’t.

PS: this isn’t a “tech” issue, or a bug as such, so I’ve stuck it here.


Even just giving us a voice volume slider that goes above 100% would help a lot. Currently there’s no good solution other than a mod on the nexus, and even that one is a bit of a hackjob because it doesn’t make the voices louder, it just mutes all other game sounds when people are talking.

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While it should be a feature, luckily for us Modders have once again beaten FS to the punch:

Edit: Didn’t see the other guy in the thread mentioned it, but yeah here it is.
Plus look how cute that Ogryn is.