Microphone settings options

Either I’m dumb and missing it entirely or this is something that is needed.

My PC setup has multiple microphone options:

  1. A really shitty headset mic that is too quiet for anyone to hear,
  2. A webcam microphone that I’d rather not have anyone hear me from,
  3. And a Blue Snowball microphone I’d like the game to use.

I’d like to see an option that allows me to select what microphone the game is trying to use as it always seems to default to my headset despite my PC’s default being the Blue Snowball. And even if I fully disable the headset, then the game seems to use NO microphone (cause I can’t change the setting I guess?).
Another nice feature would then also be a “microphone test”, so we can hear how we sound like to others in voice chat.

Sorry if this sort of thread has been beaten to death, but it’s really frustrating trying to get people into a choke point, or to explain I can’t heal myself since I’m using the HP regen trait for someone to say that they can’t hear a word that I’m saying since it’s using the non-adjustable microphone on my headset.


Another thing I’d like to suggest is some sort of indicator on Character portraits that shows WHO is actually talking at a given time. Like a simple green highlight when voice comms is going through so people aren’t trying to guess who is talking.


How about the ability to adjust mic volume levels on a player to player basis.

Some peeps are whispering while the next guy is screaming in my hear.

I feel like this could just fall under the aforementioned personal Microphone test feature. Adjusting each person on the fly can be way too tedious. Especially if someone hasn’t talked UNTIL things start to get hectic.

It’s been a couple of months since I posted this but I feel like it’s still relevant. The game refuses to use my Blue Yeti despite it being the default. People still can’t hear me after I raised the volume properties to maximum (to the displeasure of my friends in Discord lol).

Would also like to add that there should be a small graphic (a green highlight I guess??) around the character portrait of someone who IS speaking in voice in game so we’re not guessing who is saying “Come over here!”.