Voice chat indicator

Voice chat indicator iwould help a lot so you don’t have to ask who is speaking every time.


Yes it sure would. This has been a requested “feature” since day one.

As far as I understand, the game uses Steam API for voice chat, and it doesn’t support this feature. I think someone from Fatshark said a while ago that they can’t fix it on their side other than by implementing a completely different voice chat.


Ok, if that is the case it is not much to do about it. =)

They could tie the voice chat indicator to the key bound to voice chat, they wouldn’t need to pull anything or do anything with the Steam Voice Chat API.

For example: press V to have your voice chat indicator light up. Also press V to voice chat.

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At the very least it would be nice to have an indicator on the player menu (tab) that the player has voice chat enabled.

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That is a good idea, but it won’t work with Voice Activation though. (But they could add a special icon if a player has Voice Activation on?)

Good idea. Way too often do I join a run where someone uses voice chat and I don’t know who is even talking. This would solve a lot of cases.

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You can’t even tell if your talking half the time. The voice system can be very inconsistent.

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