Have a name pop up when using voice chat

Can you please put a name pop-up when someone uses the in-game voice chat so we know who said something?


Yes, this would be really useful.

I once had this guy who was screaming on the microphone. I had to cycle muting people to see who was it.

Knowing exactly who it was would be helpful in those cases too!


What was funny was that in the first game, the character portraits lit up while they were bantering, but not for voice chat.

But yes, an indicator of some sort to see who is talking/transmitting would be great.


Yes, lighting up the hero portraits would do the trick. And they can even light up in different colors for banter and VOIP. Would do the trick, imho.

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I am sorry for reviving this post, but I am also realizing how usefull this would be.
Sure you can just ask, which hero he/she plays, but a simple light up of the portrait seems like a feature, that doesn’t even need a request in the first place.

Would be cool.


You should not be sorry, because this issue will be soon 2 years old, and this is BASIC FUNCTIONALITY of a COOPERATION game. Also I came here specifically to write about it too (and that I am waiting for it since march 2018).