Let us see when someone has voice chat enabled/disabled

The title.

It’s frustrating when I try to use voice chat to coördinate randoms in QP only to find out later that they have voice chat disabled.

Please add a way to show when someone has voice chat enabled/disabled. The tab menu is a good place to show this type of stuff.


Maybe only if you are host.

I disabled my in-game voice chat because some people talk too much and I can’t hear specials …

Then everyone dies to specials :man_facepalming:


Maybe only if you are host.

I don’t understand what you mean here. Being host or client shouldn’t change anything?

As in, only allow hosts to see if other players have voice comms disabled. It’s their game and if they choose to coordinate then that’s great. They can politely ask for comms to be turned back on.

Showing disabled comms for everyone will only breed new ways for griefing in text chat. As rare as it is it still happens.

Otherwise, if I’m hosting, I prefer not to hear nonsensical dribble in my games and don’t want the others to know voice has been disabled for my own private reasons. It’s not entirely necessary to have it anyways.

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The simplest solution: show a microphone symbol next to the player icon - it already exists in other games…


While I disagree with your suggestion of it being a host exclusive feature, I do appreciate the clarification.

I’m not against it really, just some thoughts i have.

Is it not possible to just speak and ask if they can hear you?

Also for me, everyone’s mic is always different, so the volume is always different. When someone starts talking in a quickplay i have to go into settings and lower the volume to be able to lower their volume. Some people talk Randomly during a horde and it can be very annoying, for me atleast.

Another thing i’m not too sure about is trying to organize quickplays. I don’t think trying to organize quick players is a good thing to do. I’ve ran into multiple occassions where i voice commanded ‘come here’ and my teammates are just responding ‘no’. Nobody likes to be told how to play, but this all depends on the type of personality ofcourse.

I also think if you can see if voice chat is enabled, then the person speaking will know for sure he is being ignored when talking, which can lead to another type of toxicity.

Idk i’m impartial really, i just mute it most of the time, or put it on such a low volume that nobody can scare me.

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I would love to know who is speaking also, apparently this is unfeasible to get for some reason to do with steam.

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This is a good suggestion because knowing if some has their voice chat on/off is useful for everyone. At the moment voice chat is probably underused, for variety of different reasons, but helping players who want to use it to be able to find each other more easily “in game” is a good idea.

Another suggestion to help with this would be to add a voice chat flag for custom games, so the host can specify if it should be enabled (or not) when other players join their game.

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