Vote system?

first of al i apologise , i am not goot at pooting my tought/ideas in words.

so i have been tinking . when playing the team members reli on each other fom time to time and sometimes you enjoy when a team-mate saves u from danger , geves good pointers when there is something u dont know or gives gread comand making it better to sorvive .

so i was thinking of puting a system where the team mates could give u a mark (Like LOL) where it says how helpful the individual hase been to the team or how well his leadership was etc…

trough that the individual will find beter teammates whille also trying to be more healpful to the team .

thanks for reading , an i apologise if there is confution.


Or they can press (default) G and say via voip in game hmmm :space_invader:

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No i think he has a good idea but his wording was a lil hard to understand , heres how i understand it and hear me out . Put in place a “commendation” type system where at the end of the match you can upvote players for being helpful/good leaders etc and then have that displayed in some sort of profile page or maybe on their character portrait , that kinda system has always worked well imo


Oh! Well my English is also crap so I misunderstood him in first place. Thanks for clearing it out. Yea that’s common and good idea in this type of games.

Actually it could help with low lvl alt’s. Some of us seeing low level was leaving that lobby on Veteran (there was topic about it here on this forum). But if you could see that player is friendly and have hi score " + ". You would think twice.

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Thanks bro u place my toughts in perfect wording

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Whats actuall would help if more People would starting using the Voip, little anecdote here: i ask once a Group in V1 why they insist to use the Tip Chat instead of the Voice: “cause they dont see the Benefits of it” was pretty shocking for me.

implimenting a filter where u could quick play wit those that have mic on ?

This is Vermintide… please dont add useless recommendations or badges for being friendly in recruit maps… no one really cares.
You want to improve your own playstyle to be ready for higher difficulties and strive for perfection. This is what hooked the players of vermintide before. Its a brutal game with gore and hack and slash elements, this is not a damn moba xD

imo if you cannot tell what’s going on WITHOUT someone telling you over the mic, you need to step up your game.

In FFXIV you have an option to commend the player you think was best or most helpful at the end of a dungeon. Of course i know that this is a very different game from an MMORPG, but having an option like this helps to have a more helpful and less toxic community in the long run. If you don’t like it, well… it’s optional! you can just ignore it. Having players rewarded in some way (a visible badge or icon) for this or even “mentor” status is a great practice and works wonders.

That V1 and V2 are “gore, harsh and brutal” in their content or gameplay doesnt mean that they can’t use systems that reward a community for being nice and helpful, and its not that “no one really cares”, yeah, a lot of people care, a lot.

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