Changes to matchmaking?

Is there anyway you can add a custom field for when we do “quick play” games? Maybe set it so we only join people with over 100 hours or perhaps a Reputation score? Where we can give people + or - reputation depending on how they played? Something please…lol… I would even be happy if you put in a pop up box to tick, something like casual, speed run, experienced or something for people click and get put into games with like minded people. Not that it won’t get abused, but hopefully it will help.

I don’t want to come off as “elitist” but it gets really annoying to join games and people have no idea what they are doing. How do you make it all the way to Champion/Legend and not even know where the tomes are? Or how to block? Or dodge? Or not to pull patrols across the map for no reason.

I joined this game in progress, it was halfway through. It was possibly the hardest game I’ve ever played lol. One of them even got lost and started heading back towards the spawn. I had to go get them and lead them in the right direction. While continuously stopping so they could go check out the corners of the map and look at puddles and stuff. Thank god I had natural bond on my necklace because they drank every potion they saw even if they were 75% HP.

You do realize this would be abused by people who just like to be jerks to people right? Probably not something that should be done.


great so the “bad” ones will only play with “bad” ones and don´t win any match… so nobody will play anymore and the game dies… nice idea! not…

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so…you’d rather cater to bad players and make people who know what they’re doing refuse to play QP at all? because most people i know who play this game absolutely refuse to play QP with randoms due to how bad it is in this game compared to vt1.

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If you want to win every match, go as 4 man premate???

Otherwise live with randoms and if you don´t win, because you got 1 bad player in your team, maybe you´re not that good enough like you think.

It´s ridiculous to “ban” player from wins with such a system like that, even like the player kicks, because someone died.

and just i said, the playerbase will hardly fall…


I don’t care about winning every match, I play to have fun. It is not fun to play a Champion or Legend game and people don’t even know what direction to walk in the map… How that is even possible when you had to have played the same map multiple times at this point I do not know. It wasn’t 1 bad player in my team, I joined in progress and completely smoked the entire team. Do you see my damage taken? They were dead for most of the game, I had to play safe and wait to regen HP. Most of my playtime in that game the entire team was dead, I had to solo and dodge assassins and hook rats or it was GG. I revived one of them and the first thing he did after getting up is shoot at a patrol. WHY? lol…

I normally only play pre-mades with my two raid groups. But I don’t see why you can’t have a option to join a casual game or a hardcore game, etc. At the same time, sometimes I only have a 3 man pre-made and we’re doing speed runs. It’s not fun for the 4th guy who joins when we’re all on discord speed running it and he’s on IB getting left behind to die over and over. If you had an option to tick saying we’re doing speed runs. Then at least when people join in progress they understand what they’re getting into to.

I mean at this point, we might as well just kick people who aren’t with the program when they join us. But that’s kinda dickish and we don’t want to do that. If they tick the box to say they’re ok with joining a speed run, then fair enough.

If you’re speed running, why even public queue? Even other hardcore players probably aren’t gonna wanna always speedrun stuff. E.g… If I’m in the mood for speed run I wanna solo speed run, personally.


Most of my matches looks same, but it doesn´t kill my fun at all. And yeah, i don´t have a Raid group.

Just have a look at this points:

  • More to kill for yourself (should be fine, if you play really only for fun)
  • improve your skill (1 v 821934897412)
  • more challenging = more fun

And this is on Champ right? Actually noone really got much damage… Saw Ppl with 3,5k damage taken on Legend x)

If you start to roll your tears about the table because of randoms, there are 3 points for me:

  • start solo with bots or play with friends only
  • stop play this game

or my favorite:

  • advice other ppl…

How should the “randoms” advance their skill or strategy , if noone tell them “how to do better”? Go with your Raidgroup only, if you want, but at some point it will become boring as hell. You do know the ppl, you do know their strenth and weakness and maybe you´re tired about arguing with them sometimes or just bored of win an ez game as 4-premates and the only thing who could stop you from braindead pushing is the famous hookrat of doom.

Just stay above it and carry the hell out of it… enjoy the game, that´s all…

everyone started and not everyone got higher skills or just luck.

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This is not just about games. Whatever you do, there will always to people better than others.
You may be good here, others “carry” you at other stuff, maybe at your job.

Complaining and searching for “radical solution” wont improve things at all.

Is it really that radical? Many other games have similar features. Not saying it would work 100% of the time, but if people could tick a box for casual, hardcore, speedruns, full book runs, etc. I think it would actually help with people getting kicked and so on. Or even having a lvl limit on your join. It can’t just be me who gets lvl 8’s in Champion games or lvl 19’s in Legend. You don’t even have all your talents, lvl up your character first. I mean, in my picture above, there’s a lvl 13… wtf?

VT1 was just as bad. I had the elf rushing off into the distance on their own, never even turning to look at what the rest of the team was doing, and going down in the vast majority of games with randoms.

Now we have the bad players who sink the mission and quit without getting their XP.

If the PPL are skilled enough, they don´t need all talents or lvl 30…
I started play with level 10 Kerillian with bots on champ and finished the missions… just because it works better than with the most randoms and i can play more free.

And Vermintide 2 is still a coop-game. Why should fatshark penalize ppl? And do you really think this would work? If i would be a casual noobie, i would join hardcore runs, just to get my loot and stuff…

if you want some good stuff, pray for something like:

  • crime spree from payday 2


  • a background elo and same elo-players get mixed together and the map will be harder for good ones

I just want a blacklist - a way for me to make sure I don’t have to suffer a particular player ever again. I don’t want such to join my games and I don’t want to be put in a game where they are. And if that eventually prolongs my queue time - it’s my choice.

It’s insane that you can votekick someone and they can come back in to your game right away. Even more insane that quickplay will put them there.

There should be like at least a 30 minute ban on votekick.

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