MMR ( matchmaking)

Ideas on adding a MMR to quickplay?

I don’t know if its just xbox, but I got 4 QP games today in a row wherev the team was dead on load in…

That’s a full 30 minutes of just trying to load in/ find games and not being able to play.

It isn’t an uncommon occurrence to just load up a mission and join during a boss ( which usually kills the bot you’re loading in under ), already need rescued or the team is in the process of wiping

Not enough players for that

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Not to mention generally not required. This is not some pvp game where matches should be somewhat equal. Even 4 crappy players can overcome most of the challenges this game has to offer with some luck and teamwork.

Honestly I’m curious how would you even rate players in this game?

Discarding every other issue, how would that even work? Like every PvP game that would match high skilled players playing with other high skilled players?

How would you advance in difficulty then? You wouldn’t be able to get out of the “lower skilled tier”.
This kind of matchmaking just doesn’t work for coops imho.