Matchmaking Level Brackets for Quickplay


I have two requests. The first one is a very simple request - please introduce ‘level brackets’ to quickplay, not just difficulty level. This would allow a user to set a minimum (or min and max?) level of teammates he would be matched with.

It is very frustrating as I’m getting to doing level 3 missions, and more often than not, I’d get at least one, often two single-digit level characters joining. They usually don’t know what to do, wake up the witch and just don’t have the gear nor team buffs to support. I’d gladly have a bracket of 15+ for the level 3, but it’s just not possible to carry a team of low-levels.

It’s often not even their fault, which some have even said in chat. The difficulty system of the game is not the same as most games. Level 3/5 is not NORMAL level. This is not clear at all to the new users that just started playing, as usually once you unlock a level of difficulty in a shooter, you’d be able to do it, even if it’s hard. Realistically 4 level 10 people will have an insanely hard time attempting to do a level 3 mission.

Please make the lives of us LFG people, as well as the new user experience better this way. Don’t let us run into a silly wall together making both of our days worse.

The second request is way more complicated - PURGE THE HERESY!

Sincerely yours, for the Emperor,

In my leveling experience, there is something of a matchmaking tiering by level - it’s just not very granular. When I was sub-30, I was matched with other sub-30s (and sometimes very underleveled ones). Now that I’m 30 I tend to only get other 30s with the exception of people in party together carrying the lower levels.

Not saying I don’t agree, but just an observation.