Quick Play is near impossible for my level 30 characters

It’s almost impossible for me to find a match with my level 30 characters, my lower level characters find matches with some difficulty, but my level 30 ones are near impossible to play with other players, this is even worse when you factor in the fact that some weekly mission require you to pick up grims+scriptures, bots can’t help with that, and bots really do suck, the worst player is better than the bots, this post was made in the bugs category for the simple fact that not all my characters suffer from this, only the level 30 ones, also for the love of god, add a server browser, that’s the main way i played vermintide, and I don’t see why not add it to darktide.

P.S. the only way i can play with people is to start quick play and wait 3-5 seconds, then cancel and start again, otherwise i will just be put with bots alone


glad im not the only one please fix this matchmaking bug for level 30 characters.