Matchmaking seems very limited on level 30 characters

Issue Description:
Attempting to find a match with players in it takes about roughly 15 minutes to find about a single person. Also i find that hosting a match I’ll end up soloing the entire level with bots before anyone joins. But when i do find a person they are always level 30… Only time i haven’t seen a level 30 player join my lobby is when they are with a level 30 player… While on my level 5 Psyker i seem to be able to find a match rather quickly despite it being 1:30 am in Australia right now, With a wide array of level differences… I also understand this may be a region issue for Australian players as i’m not the only player to face this issue.

Steps to Reproduce:

Start a mission as a level 30 character by yourself on any of the difficulty levels. mainly diff 1-3


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
22/11/2022, 1:44AM AEST

Reproduction Rate:

2 patches and not one of them addressed this.