Being Level 30 prevents you from finding other Players in Matchmaking!

No way to play unless you join a premade group.

I’m wondering if this was due to matchmaking/server issues at the time of posting.

Just to confirm, is this still the case or has this issue resolved for you since?

I am also having this same issue. i just recently put a bug report in about it a few minutes ago before finding this post.

Hi @Sevithr, could you please provide a console log from a session that you’ve experienced this? Thanks!

console-2022-11-21-11.47.25-de036702-e532-41e5-9834-82594eb7008d.log (791.6 KB)
console-2022-11-21-13.50.00-73dad805-73c9-4b5b-ab41-1a86ef0bd414.log (278.8 KB)
console-2022-11-21-14.34.10-7da6e38f-4fca-4400-a0da-0d93310b7dbf.log (245.0 KB)

This should include the sessions where i mainly played as my level 30 zealot solo queue

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Nice one, thank you!

This is still happening… Makes playing at level 30 impossible. You ONLY get matched with other level 30s. It takes forever to find lobbies when you aren’t playing at peak hours. Constantly stuffed into empty lobbies filled with bots. The fact this hasn’t been fixed yet is absurd and one of the only things that make me want to refund this before it’s too late. This has been reported plenty of times, what’s the deal? The game is releasing tomorrow… This isn’t a beta, it’s an alpha.