So bored

So bored of people joining my game on Leg and playing at a Vet/Champ level. It feels like half of the matches I’m focusing more on them than myself and spend half of the match typing orders like an RTS. I’m literally having to wait before I start hosting (again) to avoid certain people, because I don’t want to be rude.

Can there not be some sort of gate on Legend. e.g. you have to complete each mission with a premade before you can start queueing into others?

It’s just honestly becoming too frustrating to play.

This is a farming game that I’d like to play for a long time, but just end up losing half of the matches with top damage and special kills whenever I’m not in a premade. I’m not bragging, I’m saying this shouldn’t be true for every single match.


Just add some dudes to your friend list and play with them. What’s the problem?


Form a pre-made group. Problem solved. No one is forcing you to play with randoms.

Added about 20 new people and they’re not always on or in-game.

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It sucks, but that’s why I normally play on champion. When no one is online, it’s a lot easier to carry and most of my reds have come from champion.

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In VT1 I didn’t play in Cata because I was too bad for it. The gap was huge tho, I could solo NM, but was always the worst of my team in Cata (I did all the mission in Cata tho, for pride).

It’s kinda weird how I don’t have this feeling in VT2. I can’t solo Champ. Or I need to be focused af.
But I’m not terrible in Legend tho, I’m usually the worst of my mates, but not really bad, and sometimes I play with far worse people.

I don’t have any more advide than try to play with friends, but I do feel weird about this difficulty gap. The gap between NM and Cata was huge, but deserved, NM was supposed to be the classic high difficulty, and Cata the challenging one (even tho people modded for even more crazy, as there will be more for crazy Legend).
Now Champion is hard difficulty, and Legend is… harder… Yeah… I guess… I AM CONFUSED ><


I don’t think you know what the word ‘bored’ means


Anyway it isn’t so easy to form a group with random player… specially if you aren’t english.

Timezone , region ?

UTC +1 and west EU

Having to micro manage people is boring

Silly question, what does “RTS” stand for?

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Well, the only way to git gud at Legend is to actually play Legend. Guides can help but there’s going to be a learning curve. It makes sense that players who are new to Legend would play at a Vet/Champ skill level, that’s where they just came from :slight_smile:

Your coaching probably helps these players a lot. But hey if farming is what your primary goal is then only running with your own pre-mades is probably the way to go.


Hi there.
I am just getting into Legend as Champion is feeling a bit easy for me right now. My usual Champ group is hesitant to switch to Legend, however.
Did a few pub legends last night…had a few good full book runs.
Anyway OP I would be happy to play with you. Sounds like you may be able to show me some of the tactics to use going from Champ to Legend .
Have over a 100 hours playing Champion.
That is of course if you’re willing to put up with some noob Legend mistakes. I am a quick learner and a team player. Sienna and Kruber 600 power. EST time zone. Play every night, although I will be out of town this thurs-sunday on a work related trip.
Have mic, discord etc… of course.
Steam name is hanzy.

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Real Time Strategy. RTS is a genre of game. Total War series would be an example.


Not saying you are but I prefer a ‘‘Don’t hate, don’t mock, educate.’’ approach in this case.

If the player-base you want to play with doesn’t exist or isn’t always there, help build it. Get a mic, be kind and constructive and helpful, build good players and become even better in doing so. You might even get some cool friendships out of it in doing so.

There will always be times where you can’t make the time or bring up the patience to do so if you have a silly teammate in your group, but generally the above will help raise awareness of common quirks and issues people struggle with in the game - and by being positive you can be certain a lot of those people you help will pay that forward and help the community progress (a bit) faster.

I’ve added around 50 people in the 250~ hours I’ve played this second game and for me that’s an astounding number, a lot of nice people that frequently want to play that aren’t even focusing on winning so much as on having a good time. And in doing so working well as a team and winning a good number of games!


There’s a couple of ‘Hanzy’ accounts. I added the first one. DM me if that isn’t you!

I do take that approach, but have found myself repeating the same things time and time again. Constantly having to watch over others causes me to make mistakes and sucks the fun out of playing the game. Sometimes 3-4 different games in a row, with new people each time.

In other games that are solo queue and competitive I’ve done coaching and enjoyed it. This is a difficult PvE game though and I’m trying to find a way to enjoy it myself.

The dilemma for me is that it won’t always be the same person and each time it’s a new one, that level of gameplay someone else just learned is reset.

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Try voice comm. I refuse to play w/o a headset on for the reasons you described. If you take it upon yourself to “quarterback” your matches, they’ll go a lot smoother but it’s just not possible with typing.

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I dun wanna!