So bored

Worth it. Just being able to say “here looks safe” or “let’s push up to the choke point” or “behind you” or even just “we’re a lil spread out right now” makes a huge difference and you’ll enjoy the game and other people more. Most people don’t like being in charge so they’re usually super receptive to friendly guidance and coordination.

It’s impossible to not be frustrated when typing in V2 since it’s usually just not possible to say things as fast as is needed and so much of your success hinges on communication. Only did one round w/o my headset on and I wanted to die haha

Edit: Or the most critical one: “Let’s wait for the next horde before dropping. It’s almost time for one and we don’t wanna have to deal with it and trigger this boss at the same time.”


Would love a chat similar to Overwatch, where you can quickly mouseover.

You can also spam ‘hello’, but that’s for different reasons. :blush::yum::relaxed::slightly_smiling_face:

Another option: A few simple macros. Enter, simple text piece, enter. That’s it, you have pre-made messages to spam in the chat. Typing really takes too long away from the actual play to be effective, and in the middle of an ambush cannot really be done without exposing oneself (and distracting others). I wouldn’t really mind something like that implemented directly in the game either.

Huge props for you trying to educate new players, though. Reading stuff here (and even more so on the Steam forum side), far too many people seem to be happier complaining than trying to help and improve.

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Something I’d like you to consider is the fact that not everyone that sucks when playing with you might actually be a bad player. It happens to me every odd game that I am always like a moment off with everything I do, I get hit where I normally wouldn’t, I miss where I’d normally hit. It all has to do with your ping (which you’re not shown) and how fast host’s cpu is. A combination of bad ping and fast cpu makes for a very frustrating experience.


Even as someone that types pretty quick I can’t help but agree, in VT1 the QoL mod with ‘‘Autoblock when chatting’’ was such a blessing :v


I forgot about that. Man… QoL mod is life.

@Kitten The other nice thing about voice comms is it comes off as a lot friendlier in my experience. With typing, since we have to be so concise it comes off as extremely curt/directive, no matter how simple/chill the statement where with chat it’s a lot more colloquial, no matter how directive.

Eg. Repeatedly pinging healing or typing “healing” vs saying “there’s a draught here if anyone needs it.” Also just easier for explaining more complex things like “The elf’s still wounded even though they’re in the green.”

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Get that mic going >:L




People usualy leave grp after they die shamefuly, than those cravens immediatly logg off.
They want their smooth legend run, which is rare comodity, but they do not know…

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same. the problem is that when people are obviously not ready for legend (or champion even for that matter) when they demonstrate very basic mistakes (keep getting backstabbed, getting caught out in the open, not waiting for the team, ignoring or oblivious to helping out disabled teammates right next to them, not responding to leech teleports, not understanding their roles, inability to block or dodge berserkers etc etc etc

i gets weary trying to carry at least 2 people on every legend run, especially when they think they’re hotshots and try to argue back instead of complementing the team.

eg. had a BH yesterday in hunger in the dark that died a couple of times. we ressed him, horde came, he decided to run off on his own into a little corner while the 3 of us defended a corridor, after the fight ended he was dead again and said ‘oh you guys don’t defend here’ zero awareness. another time i had an IB with a flamethrower who was consistently trying to push forward and take on chaos warriors while the horde was at our back.

it gets tiring after a while, i take breaks to go back to champion from time to time where i can just have fun ripping everything apart without worrying much.

conversely, when i get at least 1 player that knows what he’s doing, the run is SO much easier. it’s very impressive how the actions of 1 player can positively affect the team so much. it is my wish that all players strive to be that player!


The worst is when people don’t know how to effectively kite a boss.

He-Man Kruber kites the boss WITH HIS FACE! XD


I feel you.
I am one of the most advanced players that ever set foot on this planet, not a titan but at least a demi-god, mythological speaking and I try my best to be the leader no one wants for these plain mortals. But even my constant nagging, shouting of commands and the compulsive need to control everyone and everything in a coop game to do exactly my bidding (come on mortals it isnt that hard to do what I do), isnt leading my party to victory.
Even worse, some people are toxic enough to oppose my naturally given reign over them, can you believe that? I hate it when other people have a free will.


Surely because I’ve paid for the game I should be able to dictate to other people how they play the game? Their choices are insignificant compared to my skill level.

Whineposters gonna whine.

Super Bardio Dwarf kites everything with hits BEARD!

Me too, but consider myself more … godly than demi.

You know he’s not serious right?

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This is a serious matter, it’s not easy being god like.

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I suppose you’re right, I’ll keep my mortal self out of this discussion then.