Legend is the new Recruit

After 2 Months I installed vt2 again in order to get the hat… Finished 2 Maps on Legend. And I have to say, Legend changed quite a bit.

I (as a Veteran) had to carry every of these 2 games. The usual mistakes were made

  • splitting and dying because??? Why? Oh Yeah random zealot has to kill a skaven that is across the map
  • dying to 10 skavens when a Horde comes. Like how do you manage to die from 10 skavens… Come on
  • no clue how to block/dodge Boss attacks or how mechanics work
  • prefering to fight in a 360degree field, rather than hugging a wall
  • “Come to me” pings somehow never worked. Teammate just ignored them and wondered why they died.

One map I finished was Skittergate with Huntsman. Our shade died 8 times in the bossfight, and she also died a dozen times before+triggering Patrol. Zealot died also alot and both of them didn’t know anything about the strengths of their classes. Only out IB was decent…

On top of a shade that died every 2 minutes, I told them we can skip grims because you are already dying in the first stages. They like “no with grim, with grim” fffsss. Needed to carry those 2 runs, which is fine but also sometimes annoing when you can only rely on yourself.

For the third match, we were fighting a horde when some disablers spawned, shade and IB were near, Zealot was soloing across the map, he got disabled, I jumped on a rock and tried to free him, didn’t work and misstimed my dodge when the assasin came for me.
Well then ofcourse I died because I can’t allow myself a single mistake as I cannot rely on the help of my team. The shade firstly needed 2seconds to react and instead uf ulting and shooting it off my back,… what did she do??? I don’t know, i think nothing? IB didn’t notice. Needless to say we wiped and then I quit and went to sleep.

Tldr: Legend got flooded even more by new players that overestimate their skills and lack teamplay. Not fun to “tryhard” ever legend game because one mistake and that’s it.
And still I rather Play Cata with decent people as it’s far easier than playing legend with people that would still die in Recruit

So your conclusion that the whole Legend player pool is flooded by overconfident new players is based on the staggering statistically relevant number of 2.5 games? Where you met like a total of ten or less other players?

I am somewhat impressed.


No, big brain.

I said out of the 3 games i played.
But pretty sure that this reflects the majority of legendpayers nowadays.

Veterans moved away or to deed/weaves/cata and newer players get there even faster

(Oh and to be accurate it’s not 2.5 but 3, because I played with 3*3 people, doesn’t matter if I play only half a match or a full match. Mr.know it all)

I mean a year ago or so, there was one maybe two bad players, but not 3 that sucked ass.

So your reaction is insults?

I am even more impressed.


You don’t get it I guess


What is the point of this topic again?
Aside from you saying how good of a “veteran” you are and how bad everyone else is over and over again…


Seems like you already found answer to your problem, so why the post and in feedback section no less?


Because it’s a feedback. Maybe

I am not sure if my feedback belongs in the feedback section.

Difficult question

Insult? What haha


What do you expect me to do? Play 100 games to get to a minimum sample? I am more into statistics then you are, and I can bet on that.

I am aware that my 3 games don’t represent all legend players.
However when you take a look at the active legend lobbys there are also just few.

That’s why I Made this post, to also see what others think. Still instead of contributing you just focus on unimportant things. Gj you

Aren’t most of the people here Veterans?

Asking how others feel playing legend compared to a year ago for example.

Because right now I feel the mentioned way

This isn’t feedback, this is you complaining about some bad games. Go play with bots in private games you knobhead.


I’d recommend either getting a group to play with or “as a veteran” moving on to cataclysm…or down to champion

idk, whatever suits you but this thread really doesn’t offer anything useful in terms of feedback with such a small sample size. And no, being “into statistics” does not suddenly make a sample size of 3 games useful.

Dunno about others but I myself play cataclysm if I’m not doing modded realm content and on the occasions I do drop down to legend to pub with a friend I can’t say I find the matches particularly painful at all. Legend is pretty chill


I find Legend is a mixed bag, by no means all bad players, but there are a few factors that explain the bad ones pretty easily.

Firstly, as you pointed out, the game has been out for a while so naturally a lot of the better players will move onto more challenging content.

Secondly, and probably most importantly, Legend is the primary loot farming difficulty, and the nature of the awful RNG grind means everyone wants full books for the best chance of a reward.

Thirdly, lots of double xp weekends have accelerated a lot of newer players to max level quickly, probably instilling false confidence in them that they’re ready for Legend.

The way the game is designed encourages people to jump into Legend as soon as possible. No point getting mad at people for being bad, all you can do is try to give constructive advice, and add anyone you run into that you gel with. Or treat it as a challenge and just hard carry, show them how it’s done. Anyone who actually wants to get better knows when they’re being carried and will pay attention to what you’re doing. Also consider using voice chat to try and take charge.

If we’re being honest though, most veterans can very casually solo Legend with bots, so if you’re as good as you seem to think you are that is a valid option if you’re finding the randos that frustrating. Bots are pretty bad, but at least they’re fairly predictable and generally won’t stray too far from you + you can set their gear up how you like. Or as you said, just go to Cata where the QP pool is generally very solid, assuming there’s enough people online in your area wherever you play.

Again I want to emphasise it’s futile to get angsty about the players themselves, if there are lots of bad people in Legend (and TBH I really don’t find it that bad on average), it’s a flaw with the game’s design. The reward system tends to pool players into Legend regardless of their ability, and most people like to feel rewarded when they play, so naturally they’re gonna go where they can realistically get reds.


Hmm i find that legend is far more exhausting then playing cata. Cata is chill, legend is not.

So how would you like Fatshark to incorporate this great “feedback”? Should they ban players from legend difficulty that you deem unworthy? What exactly are you looking for here? You’re ridiculous.

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Good summary. Agree with all points.

I am not getting mad or angry at bad players, in fact I am never negative to them but try to support them and give tips. This shade died 20 times, I didn’t flame her once. Just told her some tips.

Not to boast or anything but when you have a couple of hundred hours it shouldn’t be hard to carry. Just i find it very weird that cata is so much more fun because it’s with “teamplay” and you can rely on your team instead of solocarrying legend.

Yes ban all players.

Bad players just means more circles for you and you get the ego-stroking glory of carrying.

This is obviously an exaggeration.

Again, not physically possible or the Shade would be in rescue mode for over half of the map.

So, you didn’t like how these people played and, yet, you continued to play with them? I’m really confused here…

Legend isn’t that hard if at least 1 person knows what they are doing. If you are stressing out that much, seems like you’re the one who isn’t very strong.

That sounds like something a carried player would say…

Regardless, you need to take a chill pill. It doesn’t matter if someone is ready for Legend or not, those players bought the game and have every right to be there. Eventually, they will learn but instead of getting all upset, be nice and give small pointers. If they don’t listen then there’s nothing you can do but move on.

It’s just a game bro.