Review 2 (fix your unbalanced game)

I am done with this game. There is way too much luck involved in the spawning of the enemies, so it is not fun.

The community is extremely toxic and this ruins the game. Players constantly rage quit and if the host quits then the game restarts the map. Dedicated servers are desperately needed. Players abuse the kick vote so the kick vote needs to be removed from the game. Players abuse the friendly fire so the friendly fire needs to be removed from the game.

This game looks great but it is very hard to run. I can only run it in 1080p/60+ fps/high settings with a GTX 1070. A GTX 1080 Ti would be necessary to run this game in 1080p/60+ fps/max settings, which is ridiculous.

The random loot system is garbage just like in the first game. The red gear and the cosmetics are so rare that they might as well not exist.

Playing the same 13 missions over and over again is getting boring. This game needs far more content.

The bots are broken just like in the first game. They will not always revive you when necessary.

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K baiii.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


This game is going to die if it stays as f’d up as it is now.

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You are free to think whatever you want. Also, you are free (and I encourage you) to leave.

Kinda proving his point:


Such Discussions have and had no Place here, there is nothing to discuss, its your own Opinion.

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At 360+ hours I have found that most people who play the game(At least in legend) are not toxic, most are friendly. I have also seen very few people that abuse the vote kick. I have had the hosts leave on me a few times but not in a while.

You may just need a bit of a break from the game.


Opinions are not OK here? WTF?

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Looks like you haven’t seen MOBA communities :rofl:

Well, I can agree with this somehow, but for me it’s not the main reason I want dedicated servers so badly.

WAT??? There are idiots who abuse something, you can’t remove some game elements just because “idiots exists”. It’s like “There are murderers IRL, dear God, plz remove FF IRL!!!” :man_facepalming:

Well, loot/craft system is bad, in fact it’s a lot worse then it was in VT1, but saying reds are so rare, was you playing legendary? If not, maybe that’s the case, ofc tonns of jewelry dupes, and 5-6 same red weapons are meh, but I can’t say they are so rare, they are extremly random and you can have prety long streaks of “no reds”, but long terms they are not that rare.

Bots are good enough to efficiently farm most of legendary meps with 3 of them carrying 3+1 books. They have a lot of flaws, and I want some QOL for them, but they are defenetly not that bad.


For one, I’m not in game right now. For two, his “review” boiled down to a very simplistic list of complaints and no thoughtful comments.

This very clearly reads as a “I don’t like this and I’m leaving as a sign of my contempt and hope I get attention for it.”


they are but there a lot of over invested folks around and to be honest your original post did read a bit more like a rant than an explained fair opinion.


Im close to 400 hours. i have writen down ca 8 names of players that where toxic.
I would say its one of the bether communitys.
I also only got kicked once, after a bad round as BH.
Because there are very few player who friendly fire on purpose ff should be removed from the game? This can happen to you in every game with ff. By that logic there wouldn’t be any game with ff.

Well the spawns are inconsistent i agree.
In few cases they are unfair in my opinion.
But different spawns also add variety.
Same level on same difficulty can still feel different that way. So i would say its a mather of opinion.
Dedicated server would be cool of course.
I personally didn’t really have problems with quitting hosts so far. But i can understand that this is a lot of work for FS.
Well most games have problems with low FPS.
Especially with that amount of enemys.
Its not like FS could write a function
this setFPS(100).
The loot system could defenitely be bether.
I miss a bad luck protection. (edit: and those ****** ****** ***** dupes :smiley: )
Bots also need some improvements.

The rest is mather of opinion.

i have a 1070 and never go below 80 fps on max settings. maybe update your drivers if max settings matters that much

Toxicity isn’t exclusive to gameplay and his remark was in regards to the community at large so the point stands.

OP’s presentation is salty but most of his criticisms are accurate, relevant, and valid. Dismissing that kind of feedback is foolhardy, especially when it’s the same feedback that keeps coming up without being addressed.

I can second this. Legend regulars are pretty decent folk. I tried running a few champions for the 100 run helm and could only stomach maybe one match out of five before I gave up and went back to Legend.

I’ve experienced way more “toxicity” at that level.

Would be nice if the RNG difficulty between maps wasn’t as spiky though.


Yeah, I went back to legend to do hat runs as well cause of this. Cant stand those snowflakes.


Granted, I have become very callous to these sorts of posts because they contribute nothing to the conversation.

Suggesting that they remove FF and kick voting because they abuse it (rare if ever) is not something that I consider useful.

Some of these complaints are common complaints, that does not mean his post is valid, especially since it is just an echo of more articulated criticisms in other posts. This is not feedback, this is useless whining.

Agreed some of the complaints seem a bit silly.

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