Remove the double XP weekends


At first glance, this is an idea to lure in new players and give them the opportunity to “enjoy the game” faster.
In reality, what it does is flood Legend difficulty with level 35 players who have 5-10 hours of gameplay, and they end up spending half of the time dead awaiting rescue.
Since the quarantine started, Legend has become unplayable. I can carry myself, but I can’t carry 4 people, 2 of whom die before the first lift on the Skittergate or in the room after the drop in Castle Drachenfels.
It is neither enjoyable for us veterans nor for them new players to spend half of a mission spectating while tied to the ground.
I do try to tell them to dodge and parry and that perhaps they should try playing Champion and aim for the “Damage taken” green circle, but you know how those comments are taken on an online game, specially after a defeat… (even when genuinely coming from a good place : I’ve been there, we all have.)
Just today I have a terrible map completion ratio, at 1 win for 5 losses, everyone having taken over 1500 damage (seen 2300) for the losses : hence the rant. I mostly play QP, I know finding a group would obviously overcome this problem ; but this wasn’t an issue a month or two ago.


Play Cata. JOIN US.


But cough up 15$ first.


Not sure why it’s not free tbh. I feel like Cata is the best version of the game, once you learn how to play it.


Well, its a vicious circle. Newer players get put off by the grind and leave - get tempted back by the XP event, make it to legend fast and get stomped into the floor.

Thing is, almost everyone got walloped into the ground when they first moved up. I simply don’t need reds any more so I’m happy to just play and die.

The advice that changes people the most is “Don’t expect things to be staggered like they were in champ and respect Zerkers and Plague Monks more.” This makes new players far more cautious and has improved my experience a lot. The jump from Champion to Legend is most noticeable in that things you can stagger out of attacks in Champ shrug it off and batter you in Legend.

IS there anyone here actually really needs some red trinkets/necklaces/weapons? I think for those without such things the temptation of Legend Lootz is too much.


I don’t have many reds despite having 3 or 4 careers wearing black and gold, and looting some is always enjoyable.
The advice is interesting, and it is up to us community to educate new players on all aspects, including career roles, weapons and mechanics like stagger and cleave, etc. - not meaning to tell them what to use, but understand the choice they’re making.

I could join Cata, been meaning for a while, but I don’t know if I’m good enough for it. I don’t struggle in Legend provided I’m with players who know what they’re doing, but it’s not yet a walk in the park like Champion has become. Perhaps playing Cata is the proper next step ?


I have to say that I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing that new players are trying out legend. I still have a lot of fun dying. Still building up the courage to QP cata consistently but for the time being, I welcome our new legend brothers and sisters. Just need to educate them as much as possible, especially when it comes to curse resistance.


Herin lies the eternal problem. The worst are the ones who think they know what they’re doing and trigger bosses and patrols, while someone 300 yards behind is still dealing with specials they’ve ignored in the remnants of a horde… And so… back to the OP. How do we raise people to “Know what they’re doing?” (I’m not being sarcastic, genuinely wondering how people coach other without being told to get f*cked)


:sob: Then play private games

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While I personally don’t have the negative experience with bad players or toxicitiy in Legend which some other forum users seem to have, I can say that in Cataclysm you rarely to never encounter rude players. Most there are there for the challenge and even if one character underperforms it is not much of an issue. Some people even like these runs as they provide more challenge.

The paywall (although I do agree that it is fair) makes it a bit annoying with regard to trying out but depending where you live it is not that much money.

As for the thread theme: It is a double edged sword. Some people claim it is to much of a grind to play for 20 hours until your first character is maxed out. But most people don’t see that it is for getting used to the game. Starting with the second character it might be annoying though. So the time to “grind” has been shortened, also visible by adjusting the experience over all difficulty levels.

It is part of the communities job to educate new players. Not necessarily by talking to them but by showcasing what is possible with which careers. Let them observe the better players. The ones with the right mentality will either ask questions themselves or make silent notes.

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Stay close to your team, and keep your back/sides to walls, and you’ll be fine. You’ll learn all of the Boss walls and Horde/Special spawn timing.

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I have rarely encountered any toxicity at all, regardless of difficulty. One time I’ve been yelled at by a russian dude - I don’t remember why but I remember I don’t think it was warranted ; but other than that this community is genuinely amazing. When I started out Legend the first thing I said in lobby was “I’m new to legend, still learning” and everyone was helpful and nice - “just stay grouped, focus on not taking damage”, etc. - and I just started my first Cata game right now in the exact same way (went awry, bad luck boss and horde, but was nice).
This is not about toxicity but really about skill, and of course players have to learn - again, we’ve all been there,- but know how to walk before trying to run.

I agree that the grind is long for the next careers, even though I have all champs at level 35 and it really didn’t feel like a bother, I was having fun all the way.
Another thought I had was to give double XP to players who have a career at level 30, but that kind of goes against the idea of inciting new players to try the game.


Absolutely agree, getting stomped is an important part of the legend experience. It’s a bit frustrating when the entire lobby is people who think they’re solo carries but don’t even come close to the required mechanical skill to pull that off, but there’s no need to stay in their lobbies anyway so it’s not a huge deal.

Can always just invite a friend or something to duo with if you want a bit more consistency

There is not a thing in the world that FS could do to stop me from trying to trade hits with zerkers, dying and then tilting over it.


Only way to know is to try it few games and see how you like it. Generally the people playing cata are also extremely friendly people (at least from my exp) so if you are trying your hardest and not just yoloing into the map without any thought then you will be fine.
Then the obvious caveat is that only way to really learn the game is to play on the highest difficulty so even if you might be struggling a bit on legendary you will start acquiring skills and mindset that you simply will not get while playing legend.

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Git Gud

IMAGINE still playing in PUGS.

Totally agree. The legend lobby’s have been filled with clueless people today. People without any idea of book or grim locations and in some cases what they are used for and in some cases they even exist. talking legend here. level 35 people running around in arbitrary directions without any real idea where to go or what block, strafe or special abilities are.
Fun the first time. Not so much the next

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How does it matter with how much game time you reach Legend? Everything before that you can push through with your face rolling over your keyboard.
My first Legend experiences were obliterating. A sudden surge in Specials, which made me learn to dodge them, Mobs that actually do more than tickle you, Elites that can one hit you, monsters that dont die by looking meanly at them.
There is no preparing you for any of this in champ or below. The earlier you get into Legend the better, since it makes you play the game, use atleast most of the options you have availible for combat.
It really needs some awkward personalities to get into the forums and sweat toxic waste about new players and their inability to be born as a VT2 Legend.

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The answer to your question is twitch. Or so I believe. In cata, there is more of everything and you need to be able to deal with that both in terms in skill and positioning. I believe twitch can help with that. This will also make normal legend runs easier.

Indeed. Cancel double XP events and just make them permanent :slight_smile:
I mean, the XP grind is too much IMO as a new player, and I doubt most new players enjoy it.