"Best team player" votes

If you insist on having the incredibly long and dull box and scoreboard screens after every game, why not also make something on there that might benefit the community? As well as being interactive.

MVP votes!

Something akin to the way League of Legends (Yes, that community is toxic, but this system was at least good imo) used to do it maybe, where at the end of the game you could give people different votes if they did things that benefited the team or if they were just plain awesome people to play with.

Things like “teamwork” or “friendly” or “helpful” or even just a basic “MVP”.

Just… Don’t introduce any way of giving negative feedback. Positive feedback only!
I’d probably make it so you can’t give those kinds of awards to people on your friends list to prevent abuse of the system (always voting for your friends), but hey, that part’s not my call.

I always found that things like these promote teamwork, communication, helping each other and being kind to others.

I would advise against any kind of MVP award or any other system involving the inflation of already bloated egos. I’m familiar with League’s teamwork/friendly/helpful vote system(back when I played it several years ago) and thought that was a nice system. Making it so the receiving player is the only one who sees it would also be good(so people can’t show it off and inflate an ego. As bizarre as it may seem, people absolutely do that kind of thing).

That’s something that Heroes of the Storm never did well. They added toxic inducing element one after another and got away from all the things that helped alleviate toxicity. They even added more stats and an MVP voting screen but none of the nice things you mentioned that league did. HotS has a pretty toxic community and I’d hate to see things added to VT2 that would worsen any kind of toxicity.

So basically, MVP votes would be bad but teamwork/friendly/helpful/etc. kind of “token giving” would be good. Only receiving player sees it. No big ego boosting screens to show off to other people.


Right, essentially saying the same thing as me then, seems we agree. :slight_smile: But it also seems that there might have been some misunderstanding with my intent about the MVP one in particular. ^^ It was simply a suggestion, though I would also prefer the more specific ones such as team player, friendly etc.

In either case it should most definitely always be a thing that is voted upon by the people in the game, not something that the game tells you (looking at you, overwatch “play of the game”).

I personally wouldn’t mind having it visible to others, as yes, lots of people play for ego. Having things that promote said players cooperating, communicating and being more helpful is in my mind just a good thing.