A Possible Scoreboard Solution

I have seen a few arguments on various forums about whether the scoreboard at the end of matches should be included or not. I am personally in favour of a scoreboard as I always play with a group of friends and it adds a level of enjoyment and competitiveness that we all enjoy as well as performance feedback.

However, I can understand the issues brought up by many when it comes to subpar decision making to pad stats and the toxicity issue people have experienced in pugs. Speaking with a few friends about this I had an idea that seemed to be positively received and was wondering what others may think of it, so here it is.

A personal scoreboard. It would show you stats in much the same way that the Vermintide 2 did but for your character alone. With this if you are still in a party with friends you can compare results but in the case of pugs this could hopefully prevent people going for scoreboard stats alone as it is not obviously shared and would hopefully reduce toxicity that may be aimed at “underperforming” players.

I appreciate this has some drawbacks, but I think it would make for a good middle ground.

Would this be a middle ground people are happy with or can you see issues?


In my almost three thousand hours spent in VT2 I’ve not once met a person complaining about somebody else for being low in the scores.
The rare but heavily toxic people I’ve met were all abusing excessive amounts of friendly fire (like bounty hunter’s ultimate) to kill teammates before leaving, so I’d rather they checked that, or added a way to blacklist people.

Getting back to board-related toxity I think Winds of Magic’s leaderboards did more harm to the game than the scoreboards. In general low-key toxicity seems to be about getting to the top rather than complain of players at the bottom. (at least for these games)

VT1 had a feedback for “helping” players (hitting enemies who were about to hit a team member), no idea why they got rid of that.


there should definitely be a kill counter that pops up and stays on screen, and if yuo want to include a scoreboard to go along with it, that’d be cool too.

you should have 3 categories.
trash mobs, armored trash mobs without helmets/super attacks, not tag-able
elites with helmets and strong attacks, tagable enemies

and if you wanna put a scoreboard to just mention specific units and the like at the end, that could be pretty cool.

if we had an experience bar that would go up as we played and we got some exp when mobs died and we got killing blows, that would be really cool way to calculate xp.

what if we got combat exp, mission exp, secondary exp
then at the end screen you define a multiplier against combat exp for whether we succeed or not, and how many things were fought, and maybe a multiplier for a special mission challenge whether we complete the mission or not. for example, endless horde map could still award a good amount of exp if you kill a lot of things, but don’t complete the mission. It would be weird to get the same amount of exp for killing 3-10 times the things in a non endless horde mission.
mission exp would scale with how far we get thru the map, and be the full amount with a multiplier based on how much you completed. if you do half the map, let’s say half of mission xp with a multiplier of 0.75 that mins at 0.5 if you fail at the start. complete mission could just be 1.0 or even 1.2 or something, and that mission complete number with multiplier would equal the amount rewarded when you complete the mission like it already says on the mission selection screen, so it would just require math to determine the amount when failed.

i’d like to see calculations for how the mission exp, secondary exp, ect, are calculated.
i’d like to see us be able to earn combat exp thruout missions and as we get kills/assists.
it would be neat if it would even award exp as we completed different objectives. But this would require a calculation that would have to take the total at the end based on mission completion. maybe the value of completing the objective would be defined as multiplier of 1 and awarded at the time, and at mission end screen, you could show/define the amount we get based on mission completion/failure. a completion would award more so you would show the original award during mission, and a + value for the bonus we get when mission completes.

I’ve said this in multiple threads about scoreboards. They are integral to to the longevity of this game and the scoreboards should be in on release. However to appease people who don’t want them in game just make it a toggle feature that people can turn on/off and you solve the issue. People need a way to track their damage head shots kills etc. to see how builds differ from one another. What keeps you coming back after you beat all the levels on cata and gear all your characters out fully is the drive to do more than you did previously. Also the scoreboards promote friendly competition more so than toxicity. Friendly competition lends to the replayability and longevity of this game.

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@WhereIsBaoDur Completely agree, the addition of “helpful” stats would be great with stats like assists, can only assume it’s difficult to track? But unsure.

For me as someone who loves working with information I’d take as much as I can get but Fatshark seems to be worried about how these scoreboards are affecting pugs hence the suggestion of personal score only.

@Xzorroth That does seem like a good idea for the most part but I worry that your suggestions may be to game altering. It would likely lead to players doing maps for efficiency over enjoyment, not to say they won’t do that anyway but xp on kill may emphasise it on maps which have a higher enemy count.

XP for side missions does seem to need some tuning in my opinion especially partial completion xp. Wouldn’t say it strictly needs to be an exact percentage equal to the progression of the side objective but there should at least be something.

@Stalgard Completely agree, only issue with the toggle feature suggestion is that if they are worried about player toxicity then it would mean the player being toxic would need to be the one with it toggled off which seems unlikely.

But yes, for me and many others stats add a ton of replayability as you mentioned and I would love to have them in some form. I would assume the tech is there for tracking as otherwise the bounties wouldn’t work but I couldn’t say that for sure.

or just add in something monster hunter world has. Give people mentions in the end on who killed the most elite kills, who kill the most trash, who helped prevent damage from another player etc.
so dont show who was bad but just show who was best in what regard.

I played the beta with numerous friends, the #1 complaint from literally everybody i played with was the lack of a scoreboard.
its what kept me playing and trying to do better in darktide, its what caused my friends to improve themselves.
without it im not sure id have even played vermintide nearly as much as i had.

If the game releases without an end of mission scoreboard i am 100% positive it will cause less people to play it and less people to enjoy the game.

I really hope they fix this before release.

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