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Most of the people do not use the ingame voice tool for different reasons. Is there a way to get annother thing of communication? Like a Chat Wheel with different standard phrases (like „Pat“, „Get Back“.) or keybind for some phrases.

Many people use the chat, but it needs time and you get often hits or anything in the time.


We all asking FS about that along side with common patches and DLCs, but have you seen smth like that for past two months, what makes you think they’ll add it?

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Hopefully we’ll get something officially added too, but for now, the simplest ways is to find something to make a few macros. “Enter -> [your message] -> Enter” should do it.

The Ubersreik 5 already say something don’t they?

Dont get me wrong, but ppl who dont want to communicate, won’t use it either. I dont use the voicechat too for some reasons, but i use the Chat.

  • I saw a lot of ppl,which pulled a patrol, after i wrote it down.
  • I had a sienna (pyro) ,who ignored a dwarf with a medpack, she just moved on… ok maybe she didnt paid attention, but we were at the 2nd grim. I asked her to use her speedpot, so i could give her my con and can take the grim. She jumped in a circle for a while… she took the grim 1 horde later. 2 Games later…she started to use the chat by herself.
  • I had a kruber,who called our hagbane elf a motherfucker for some ff. Then he cried about a tome we already picked up, which is even shown in the chat or you could recognize at the lil picture. Sadly he was pre with the Host… both ran forward, pulled the map and Yeah… gg

I like the idea , but i don’t think it’s necessary or would help anyone. Friends use the voicechat or discord and mostly rage about the randoms there. Solo players use the Chat or don’t pay attention in anything. Not even on the glory Ubersreik phrases…
It would be comfort , but less humour for rehearsed groups/premates , who dont use the voicechat. Like the guys in my friendlist.^^

Edit: In case of a patrol, a ping should mark all enemies, so everyone would mention “oh patrol”…
That would even be a lil buff to the witch hunter captain.

It would be nice to have a voice indicator for who is talking, maybe the portrait border pulses like in V1 when the character was talking, and the same but shorter pulse when they ping something. Sound cues are good and all but it would be nice to have a visual indicator that someone pinged something if it was out of your line of sight and for when characters don’t say their lines.


Love this idea since in-game chat is so oddly broken. Also I love’d spamming voicelines in L4D so I’m all for this.

I’m for key binds and pinging to make your character say voice lines. Currently if you ping a healing Item your dude only says “healing here” like every 5s. He should do it every god damn time as long as he is not still doing it from the last ping.

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