Voicelines Suggestions

Hello there,

I m glad we got the chat wheel (even tho it could be enhanced a bit)
Now we want voice wheel! (except for Kerillian, she should be hanged to her beloved tree)

I mean the work done by the actors is amazing and we want more of it (except for Kerillian, can never say it enough)

Suggestion : Use existing voicelines to trigger through the current chat wheel.
It could work for

  • Patrols (when close enough, characters call it by themselves)
  • Monsters (Call for the type of monster)
  • Grimoires pickup (Funny lines from Salt about curses)

Also, once called out, prevent from calling the same thing again and again to prevent spamming.

The only way I found to make characters talk are :

  • Firing at allies (Witch! Your aimed is as croocked as your morales!)
  • Emptying out ammo and trying to fire again
  • Damaging myself

For the sake of my teamates, provide alternative ways :crazy_face:

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