More Tagging Voicelines

I’ve read somewhere that a lot (somewhere from 50% to 60+%) of voicelines aren’t working/don’t come up in the game, so I don’t know if they are just missing or bugged, but it would be great if we had VO lines for tagging Maulers, Plague Monks and Fanatics.

“Great Axe!”
“Big Northlander!”
“Big Barbarian!”
“One of those larger heretics!”

Plague Monks
“Diseased ones!”
“Raging rats”
“Plague raki!”
“Disgusting rats!”
“Those big screaming ones!”

“Twin axes!”
“Crazy northlanders”
“Fanatic heretics!”


i love the callouts, it actually has great dramatic experience and it’s also early warning. thumbs up for this suggestion!

That could explain why the game is so devoid of lore-driven character interaction dialog akin to what we get in V1.

Besides tagging there has to be basic comunications voice wheel. Just like in L4D
Defend Here!
or some taunt could be great just to manually make Bardin sing an encouraging song or maybe another smug comment from Kerrilian.
Not everyone has microphone to tell the situation and when you cant explain your thoughts in a co-op game fast enough it brings more toxic thoughts.

I dunno, but i think Kerillian has enough smug comments :smiley: At least in my games i have the feeling Kerillian just dont want to stfu and talks over other characters constantly :smiley:

More voicelines for other are nice tho