Add more voicelines (suggestions welcome)

I know its not top priority w/ all the issues going on atm with everyone, but just as a side project, maybe every patch, add a few new voicelines?

Request: Add tons more voice lines/interactions between characters, both level specific (but random so its not endless talking about same stuff every level), and about enemies. I love the conversations between them and to me, it really helps add to the RP/immersion element of the game.

Some examples:

“When a storm vermin patrol can be heard” : Heroes talk to each other, warn the others about it, or talk about their thoughts on the man-sized rat variant (could have them talking about weakpoints in the armor, dwarf talking to salt or kruber about where its best to hit a SV and kerillian chiming in about “just hit them in their eyes mayflies” ) Or even just conversations asking if anyone has tried to actually talk/communicate w/ them and the others telling them off or trolling them to try next time

When a hero dies way far ahead of the rest of their group, alone: have a line or 2 for each character with the others making fun of them dieing alone or rushing ahead. could be humerous, or dark/angry. or just troll like “im sure glad the mage decided to come w/ us, so helpful”

Rat ogre: idk about all of you but to me, they look like they would be very smelly (BO comments or muscular hands jokes for giggles)

Chaos spawn: when its biting someone, maybe shouts from the person being eaten, and comments on bad breath/view inside its mouth

Idk… just throwin out random ideas, suggestions/ideas welcome. Just more voice lines in general. Could even add some that are specifically used during fighting (where voice actors sound strained/out of breath) or having them randomly shout out their # kills (gimli/legolas flashback)

just a thought :smiley:

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I have to ask: Have you played on the beta patch? They added quite a few new voice lines.

That aside, I’m always for more banter, especially for the sake of variety.

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Not yet, been too busy w/ papers/school XD but i did hear they added a few more. That being said, i want TONS more. Variety is the spice of life, and i want my VT2 Spicy :smiley:

few more ideas

Loot rats: specific talk when they are tagged, and a line or 2 for each char when its killed (maybe whoever got killing blow) talking about what they hope it dropped

Berserker: when tagged (or when they make their screeches/shouts) occasionally have a character screech (elf/mage) or roar (rest) back in defiance/mockery

Kerellian singing: Elvish singing? Yes, add it
Bardin singing: its good, add more

When you one-shot a special/elite (or when you kill one within a set # of seconds of it spawning): something along the lines of “Darn… feel bad for the poor thing”

When a boss dies within 10-20 seconds of receiving first damage: “Wow… that was easy/fast/” or “I expected a real fight!”


Did fs promise to put in specific dialogues for different careers?

In ay case, more lines are needed, since they get boring fast.

There aren’t even any longer expository dialogues in the game, unlike VT1, where you learned more about the characters’ background. Now every dialogue is very short.

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Ive heard a few people mentioning this, but have not seen any solid evidence on if they have. Would be cool tho (and they totally should). Especially Salt (bounty hunter should have voice lines when he kills bosses/faction bosses and Zealot should just be screaming glory to Sigmar when he massacres hordes) and Bardin (slayer should be super intense, about wanting to kill everything and earn a glorious death, while IB should be about protecting teamates/culture/way of life, or whatever lorewise he does it for)

I’d prefer they add more map specific ones than generalized ones, it’ll feel more nostalgic that way in my opinion. Of course a few generalized ones won’t hurt but you get my drift. And not saying there aren’t any but a bit more lore related banter would be neat.

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While this is something I wouldn’t say no to, I feel I need to do a reality check here. Voice actor work isn’t cheap. In this case it’s five (very good, I might add) actors, and adding only some lines at a time gets really expensive, fast. If we get a sixth character at some point, we might get more banter for the existing ones too, and if future map DLCs (that is, the ones not being in production yet) get some map-specific banter, then we also have a chance for more stuff for the existing maps too.

Besides, I’ve gotten the impression from random comments that the new voice lines weren’t so much added now, but just activated. There has been (and still is) a lot of issues with sounds in the game, and I remember reading somewhere or other that a large amount of existing lines weren’t being activated right.

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They need callouts/ambient lines for plague rats and berserkers.

Details in my post about it.

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