V1 Voice Lines to V2

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I think it would be nice to have some of the cool voice lines from v1 in v2

Kerillian: figting rat ogre: , roar all you like I’ll bring you down!
rat ogre stand the breach! or something like that
Come vermin, my blade sings greetings!
Draw the beast’s attention!
or Sienna grabbed by hookrat, and Kruber says, can’t you free yourself with magic?
I need to breath for that!, idiot.

Bardin: Haha! right in the dongliz!


they’re already all over the place if you pay any attention - despite there having been promises that none would be outright reused, yet they are. I can name dozens off the top of my head. We really, sincerely don’t need any more in our sequel which is bigger and better.

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All that pales before Victor’s manic delivery of: “Come out, come out - wherever you are…” :smiley:
Can play VT1 just to hear it again.

It shouldn’t cost them anything to add them in addition to new stuff…

I don’t know why they didn’t pass them out. The banter was one of the best parts of the first game bar none and it’s not like the classes make any real difference to the character. especially with how slapdash the explanation for the classes in VT2 are.

I would love to see this. Some of the lines I miss:

Sienna Dies Victor: “One less flame to light the way,” or “Ashes to ashes”

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