Low Priority - Re-recorded voice lines

A lot of my favorite lines from Vermintide 1 made it in the sequel, but for some reason they got re-recorded. Would love to have the old versions added to the banter pool, as I generally liked them more. Kerillian’s response to Kruber failing with a bomb is a particular favorite of mine, and the new version just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Kerillian: “Do you make much money as a professional soldier?”

Kruber: “I’m a blades-man by trade, not a bombardier!”

My personal favorite redone line is


Some goes for my personal favorite of Saltz (yeah, what an heretics I am, it’s not BLESS THIS RAVAGED BODY)

In VT1 he went “The righteous feel no pain, be you unrighteous ?!”
Now he just stop at “pain” and I always wait for him to ask me how righteous I am ^^

I don’t really get why so much VT1 voiceline didn’t make it or not completly, they were just all usuable…

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