The best part of Vermintide, the voice line

I hope that the voice line will be as great as it is in Vermintide 1 and 2, we don’t know yet what character we will have but maybe we will get voice line between the enemy and our character


I really liked characters interacting with one another in Vermintide! I think it added so much and helped the heroes to feel more lively and real. I absolutely prefer this over dialogues in other coop games featuring no more than “no more ammo” “reloading!” “follow me” voicelines.

I honestly feel so attached to the Ubersreik Five! Im looking forward to in-game politics, easter eggs, lots of chit-chat, trash talking and jokes. I’m also really curious how the presence of the ogryn will impact the conversation. Is he going to talk with others or perhaps just grunting in between dialogue.

Between you and me I keep my finger crossed that we get Bone’ead spec to have him talk (because honestly his voice is so meaty and hard I absolutely want to hear him talk) or perhaps somewhere in the campaign we find a modulator to put on our Ogryn. This would make more sense to be able to put it on all the Ogryn specs and not just one since it would be a big waste of resources. Sadly with all those theories in my head this all seems very unlikely.

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