Shift Some Voice Interactions to Vermintide 2

Grimoire pick ups and such have voice lines in VT1 that really should carry over to the sequel. I think a bit of work should be done digging through audio file archives to flesh out the game.


Yes please

That wuld be awsome.

Vermintide 2’s audio system really lacks a lot of depth when compared to the first game. This would be a step in the right directiojn for sure.

They had them in the beginning. Then removed them and promised they wouldn’t reuse them, instead rerecording if necessary. So I assume that won’t happen, even though there were some great conversations, some I never even got in VT1 - which, to be fair, I never played as much as I should have.

What a darn shame, I’m not sure why they would do that and I am certain the community would be pleased if the voice lines all resurfaced. “Ashes to ashes” or “one less flame to light the way” by Victor when Sienna dies… little things like that, or mocking each other when hooked.

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