Moar VT1 Voice Lines



Right in the Dongliz!

Bardin sings Hiiiiis axe shone silver in the daaaark, his brow was wraaathfuuul boooooold!"
-Saltz. I heard that one before, in an Altdorf tavern, the singer was drunk
-Nothing wrong with that, the Doom of Broggi Stonehand is a fine song to go with an ale or twelve!
a story of grudge settled and foemen lying like firewood on the mountainside
-I recall a mention of Elves…
Kerillian: What!?
Bardin- Eh, I shall sing another song, shall I?

Kruber asks Bardin
Is cousin Okri real?
-Real!? real!!??? next you’ll be asking if my boots are real, you want me to prove it by kicking yer dongliz across the mountain like a goat’s bladder!?
Bardin mocks is cusin Okri real, blaf blaflflfhf, I expected better from you manling!

Kerillian on ratogre
Roar all you like, I’ll bring you down!



I like the interactions when players are downed and such. Also grimoire voice lines.


Yeah! I’d love to have all of the old lines that make sense in VT2. Especially Victor’s lines… “Stay sharp!”

I miss the funny ‘got grabbed by packmaster’ lines as well as the old ‘hitting armor’ lines, and like everyone else: all of Bardin’s singing.

Also they’d have to make them interrupt each other a lot less somehow, it’s rare to get a full banter between them especially on legend… they yell about stormvermin and chaos warriors a lot.

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"The garrison has been slaughtered? Doesn’t anyone in this town put up a fight?"

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“Ashes to ashes,” and “One less flame to light the way,” When Sienna dies by Victor.

The grabber lines, the lines when you tag a grim and pick it up. They all seem missing, and they would only serve to beef up the immersion in vermintide two. Definitely worth digging through those old audio files by fatshark in my opinion.

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