Grim pick up dialog

is it just me or v2 no longer has the v1 dialog when some1 picks up a grim?

like victor
“Damnation, inked in blood!”
“who penned this blasphemy”

or kruber
“kruber ol’boy, what made you pickup that abomination”

or dwarf
“careful dawri, i think it bites”



Yup, they’ve been gone for a long time. Re-used lines were present at one point, though it might’ve just been in one of the betas before the game actually launched.

Bringing them back should be encouraged, as the dialogue adds to the atmosphere and explains to new players, even if it is subtle, that grimoires are a risk or dangerous. That, and muh flavor.

This is no ordinary tome. it feasts on my vigor!

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I would like this too…

Honestly a lot of the old voice lines in general were great and I don’t have any issue with them being re-used. Especially in a case like this where there are no new ones… yeah, bring em back!

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I don’t care if it would be perceived as “lazy” to recycle the old lines, I miss those old lines! There used to be a line even present when you tagged the thing before grabbing it.

I still miss a lot of V1 lines I feel should be added into vermintide 2… just grow upon your strengths have a deeper arsenal of voice lines.

When Sienna dies with Victor in the team he used to say “Ashes to ashes,” and “One less flame to light the way,” I miss those. Also Kruber’s “I’m getting trounced!” when hit… and an assortment of other forgotten lines could be added I’m sure.

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“if you die, then who will hate me?”

Absolutely. Bring as much of the Vermintide 1 dialogue back as you can, I say. Grim voice lines, friendly fire lines (Will someone take the sergeant’s weapon away from him?) comments about other characters when they’re pounced on by a special or killed (It’s strangling the elf! That’s MY job!)

Honestly, even just random character interactions that aren’t tied to specific maps. I want to hear more of these characters! Vermintide banter is best banter.

“That’s some fine axework, if I do say so myself!”
“Fine!? You nearly cut him to pieces!”
“Ay, well he wouldn’t stand still, would he?”

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i’ve also made another thread regarding how you could dangle rats onto walls like in v1, but no changes still :c

My care factor on reuse of some old lines is about .0001%, so while I do care just a little, I’d rather have reused lines than the tens/hundreds of hours it would take to get the voice actors to redo all their lines. There seem to me to be plenty of new lines/dialogues already, enough that I don’f feel like I’m playing Vermintide 1.

I certainly think grim lines add more atmosphere, so I would love to see some/any grim dialogue active, so if they added the old ones I’d be at least .001% happier…

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IDK about that, I feel like every time I play I hear new voice lines in both the keep and in the game. It seems pretty clear they are adding them steadily.

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I wouldn’t mind the GRimoire lines from VT1…


I’d rather they fixed…
“Gas Rats Thro…”
“Healing here”
“Block their Bl…”

I’m a bit fed up of everyone interrupting everyone else, and nothing even playing properly.

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Mmm, quality voicework design. Maybe I AM stupid to assume Shatfark would even have VO quality standards. Even if they stated them prior! “No lines reused from V1”, “lines will change depending on careers”, “there will be more story with these characters”… pfff.

Great innit.

I was playing V1 the other day and voicelines play over each other no problem.

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