Return hero remarks when picking up a grimoire

One of the many great things about V1’s dialogue, was the weight added to the danger of grimoires by the heroes remarks about them, when discarding and picking them up.

Just grabbing the old ones from V1 to V2 would be great. Speaking of, which ones were your favorites? Be it picking up or discarding. Saltzpyre had some great ones, the quote below included.

What creature penned this blasphemy?


Might just be my imagination but i swear I’ve heard some of those voice lines on grim pickups, specifically bardin ‘(something here) we should take it and destroy it.’ Or kruber ‘bet this ones worth a pretty penny’.

I’m getting more and more of a feeling that it might already be there, but it’s bugged and refusing to play. (Surprise, surprise - just like our beloved bomb-miss dialogue that worked before ~v.1.07)

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It would be nice if they actually are there and are currently bugged, but in 380 hours I’ve not heard them once.
Maybe they were present some of the betas? I can’t really remember.

Bad luck?

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Kruber: Anyone wants to carry this thing? No? Typical

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The way he says typical is great, definitely used to being a grunt :smiley:

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