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When playing Vermintide 1 you get a lot of dialogue, Vermintide 2 seems to have significantly less. I’d like to put certain dialogie into certain categories:

  1. Longer talks between certain characters (like when in the hold or in vemintide 1 on a lift)

  2. Specific events (someone going down, someone picking up a grimoire). Things like Saltzpyre saying the NOT SO BRIGHT WITCH is DOWN for instance. Or grabbing a grimoire STEEPED IN WICKEDNESS.

  3. Simple responses to being hit, gulping down potions etc.

Vermintide 2 is very lacking in points 1 (outside of keep) and 2. I wonder why they decided on this. All the oppertunities for banter were great and made the game really colourful. Does anyone else experience this as well?

I for one would like to urge fatshark to allow more banter, reactions and responses in the game. Maybe vermintide 2 with it’s constant hordes of 200+ mobs is less suited for it. But I for one think that it is a worse direction to go into.


Agree. More interaction


There are quite a few longer conversations between characters, including in maps, but due tu how stuff works, they a) don’t really trigger that often, and b) often get interrupted for one reason or another. I’ve even heard three-way conversations, including one just yesterday that I had heard the first two lines of before, but not the rest. This makes the stuff seem more sparse than it actually is.

I do think that several of the old comments (excessive jumping, picking up Grimoires, whatever) could be re-inserted or re-activated, just to give us a few more chuckles and a bit more atmosphere. Well, at least we got back the bomb misses, and a particular line from VT1…


I don’t think there’s less dialogue here. On the contrary - I keep hearing new conversations even after 400+ hrs (I’m pretty sure they are adding new conversations with patches).
IMO the main problem with dialogues is the timing: 90% of the longer ones happen in the keep near the stone just as the map starts - they an unfortunate practice. We have enough stuff slowing down gameplay.
Most of pple just run in to start the map and the dialogue is cut.
What we need is a bit more banter at the start of the map maybe?
Or just carryover the dialogue from the keep, but I guess it’s more challenging technically…

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Point 2 barely happens and is easy to implement. It’s simply less banter than VT1

I have over 1000 hours in game and I’m still hearing new dialogue between characters. They must have added in new stuff with one of the latest patches. The problem is, it’s so easy to cancel the chat by using an ULT or tagging an enemy.

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It would be very nice for them to flesh out an prioritize certain dialogues. I dont necessarily want the conversation interrupted by someone yelling out whatever it is they do for their ultimate.

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