Lack of Dialogue Set Pieces lack of Banter

Now I may be a bit off base here, but in my opinion; There is significantly less scripted dialogue in VT2 compared to VT1. Elevator rides don’t typically have any dialogue other than commenting on the lifting platform itself. I think one of the best features of VT1 were the ‘rare’ dialogue lore pieces that would happen. I remember there were often times even extremely time invested streamers would hear a line for the first time after 100’s of hours. I know this has happened to me as well.

I dunno if we could get more added as production call of the voice actors and writing is a tall order. But maybe some recycling of old lore lines? Especially the ones that were rare and from the dlc.

Could we start a kickstarter for a lore writing overhaul? : D In general the levels we hop around to don’t feel like we have a cohesive objective to the war we are waging… just random missions. Obviously having a town under siege by 1 screaming bell had a more woven survival feel. We felt like we were trapped in a tavern making desperate missions for survival. Now I dunno what we’re doing… the skittergate I understand… but I don’t have much build up to how what we are doing helps. Mainly distracting hoards so Olysia can… do stuff… Deathstar plans etc.


I agree heavily on this. The elevator-dialogue is so missing it hurts my heart, I loved those little in-between comedy reliefs that would occur with Bardin. Is it just me or did they feel they had to cut out the jump-spam dialogue to compensate for the audio issues? It could get spammy in VT1 but a few of those never ceases to make me smirk.

“Must you keep jumping?! Have some DECORUM!”


I know on the ‘Sigmar, bless this ravaged body!’ thread I brought this up… also Kruber : “Eh, what’s with the Bretonnian dance? Keep your feet on the ground.”

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Seeing as they actually listen to their community and have great passion for their own product, I’d not be surprised if they added more classics as time went on. How many of us kept a straight face the first time Kruber asked about … well, you know, a certain individuals’ existence?

It is moments like these that keep breathing life and atmosphere into the game for me. It took me more than 800 hours to hear over 95% of the dialogue in VT1, and I’ve a feeling there’s some I have not heard yet.

Off-topic, but I really want them to fix the music in the Keep as well to play songs continously in several sections so you don’t have to remain in the Armory or Forge to hear Jesper Kyd’s fantastic Mitterfuhl event music or his beloved Inn tracks that I keep humming daily.

i feel like the audio triggers are just broken. there’s definitely some stuff in there but it just rarely plays

I think the forced voice lines when using career abilities negatively impact the characters banter, thus the charm of the game, as they interrupt any dialogue with a loud shout, obnoxious interruptions especially from Waystalker and Pyromancer, since they spam their auto aim (lazy design) abilities all the time.

The only times I’ve heard dialogue not related to enemies, friendly fire, low health, items and specials have always been interrupted by someone.


Must you hesitate at every ISHA!!!11


Pretty much this. There’s a lot of verbal clutter with the ‘‘F’’ shouts, and hell a lot of the time it’s even downright disturbing to hear a shade go ‘‘FLY TRUE!’’ when they’re going into stealth.

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The thing is, the career ability lines are there to inform you and/or your teammates of ability use. More useful in some cases than others, sure (while I don’t care much when exactly our Handmaiden dashes, for Ironbreaker it’s pretty much vital). The banter is just there for atmosphere. So yes, I think the priority on the callouts is correct.

Then again, because of the large amounts of specials, in case of Waystalker and Pyromancer the ability can go off quite often, even in “calm” situations when the longer banter exchanges could occur. That does get annoying. A couple of possible solutions would be to adjust the frequency or priority of ability callouts on a per-career basis, or to “suspend” the banter for the half-second the character uses to call out their ability use. A somewhat more complicated one (but in my mind the nicest) might be to let the callouts cancel banter only if the caller is the one speaking at the moment.

This is fixed now, though. As the patch notes said, a leaping Slayer isn’t some old Ranger trick.

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I’d love to see other characters just calmly talking over one of them going apeshit and yelling “BY TAAL FIGHT KILL DEATH!”, “ISHA!”, “FLY TRUE LITTLE ONE!”, etcetc.
Just another glooooorious day in the Reikland. A nice stroll down the road to hell with some good pals and talking about mondane stuff while killing everything in your path. I like that idea.

What needs to be done is a) Ultis not interrupting banter or b) both voices playing at the same time.
There is too much interruption in voice lines. Sometimes interesting banter gets cut short because “LOOK OVER THERE; GAS RAT!”.

Yeah okay, it’d be realistic, but after the 5th Globadier in one match, it gets the norm and I’d rather know how Bretonia fairs. For Sigmar’s sake.

BTW from my experience, I’ve seen some otherwise inadequate banter examples, like Kruber and Kerillian discussing how Bretonnia failed during a nearly wiping horde where two other characters died seconds ago, and then Marcus teaching Victor to keep his elbow up with that long dialogue three times in a row one after another during Righteous Stand’s last fight.

Both in one game…

I’d really like to know from a dev if there are broken audio queues for dialogue. I know gameplay comes first but damn… these lines were an incentive to play under the taxing weight of crusading for reds currently.

there are definitely broken audio bits. i mean, saltzpyre only recently started to give out compliments for killing sprees. seems like it’s all in there, just triggers not working properly.

IDK, I think the dialogue lines are really close to being amazing. There’s a lot of awesome ones, it’s just a matter of them being a bit buggy in terms of when / how often they play. (Like yeah the Kuber + Kerillian discussing Bretonnia comes up a looot).

That said it’s a real tough thing to balance. In V1 there was a lot of voice lines that we heard all the time (really good ones), and a lot more that only came up very, very rarely. I have noticed the same in V2 and I love it - things like getting to all the Nurgle clusters and sienna saying 'Have you ever seen anything so ugly that wasn’t Victor?" and the various quips that the characteres sometimes make at each other for falling down. Kerillian to Victor “Where is your god now, one-eye?” or Sienna to Kerillian “who’s the lumberfoot now?” are just amazing and make me happy every time.

Basically agree that they need some tweaking with when / how often they play, but they’re on the right track. Overall the dialogue in this game is leaps and bounds above pretty much any other game I’ve played and I super dig it.

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