"Visual design and lore" option in the Retrospective Community Survey

In several questions we have the option to select “visual design and lore” as something positive or to be improved amongst other options, but we only get to choose one option. So we have to decide to select either an option more focused to actual gameplay or the “visual design and lore” option. I’m guessing that was the idea behind those questions, to see if players are more interested in the background lore or in actual gameplay, but I dont think those two things can be separated when talking about these games. I started playing VT1 because the idea of a medieval fantasy horde killing game really attracted me, but I had no idea what Warhammer was before I started playing. So VT1 served as my entrance to the WH world and I think that would not have been possible if not for the exquisite art direction and attention to lore details that VT1 had because, otherwise, it would just been a “medieval fantasy horde killing game”.
What I’m trying to say is that even if gameplay mechanics have to be prioritized for obvious reasons, the visual design, lore, art style, dialogues (I cant stress enough how much I enjoy this game’s dialogues, and the voice acting just makes it even better), etc, cant be under-looked and/or under-prioritized when talking about new content to come or when talking about DT, because all those things are what makes this games whole alongside with the gameplay mechanics.


Fully agree. For example, under “improvements” for CW I said new maps, but at the same time, I think the problem with the ones we have is that they don’t feel enough fleshed out compared to adventure maps, mostly due to a lack of dialogues.
If they added more, it would feel more organic. There’s little variation at the moment, and worse still, few of the dialogues reference the actual maps (or the way they are changing).


Yeah, I actually feel like the CW dialogues arent at the same level as the campaign ones. They dont feel organic, like when they ask each other which Chaos God they hate the most, or which kind of god would they be. They seem like trivial talk, almost forced. But I think that is because they prioritized the gameplay mechanics in CW more than anything else.


Yeah they rushed it and ended up in elder scrolls oblivion NPC tier dialogue, you can replace any dialogue set up with saltz not giving a rat’s ass reply “i see, you do better to follow Sigmar”
comical but involuntarily.

whoever’s idea it was to make it this way should get a pumpkim, at high speed to the face that is. (hypothetically of course don’t actually do it or you might kill a person)

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