Library Room And Lore

This has been brought up before - I think at least twice - but it would be very neat to have some kind of Library Room where you can find:

  • The intro and after mission explanations from Olesya (which many of us can’t even access anymore)
  • Franz Lohner’s Chronicles (in-game version, as they will be go under in the news feed somewhere in the future AND some arent even properly linked like the King and the Queen in the Woods)
  • Other Tales like the DLC career intros
  • The Lore Book from Vermintide 1
  • (Ideally some kind of game tutorial unlocked by collecting Tomes and Grimoires)

Most of this is already written. It just needs to be implemented in the game and one room has to be generated. I can’t imagine that all rooms are already pre-planned. In worst case, you could make small shelfs or books in specfic sections of the Keep:

  • Olesya’s Aftermission explanation you can find at her old staying place
  • Tales and Stories from Franz Lohner you’ll find in the secret room behind the Emporium
  • Information about Skaven you find in Syltzpyre’s room as he gathered these information by special means
  • Information about the Empire you find in Kruber’s room
  • Information about Athel Loren and other elvish stuff in Kerillian’s tent
  • Information about the Dwarves in Bardin’s Room
  • etc, etc.

Like said. Most of this is already written - at least in english - and just needs to be implemented. That is work but it should be limited.


I can totally agree with that a thousand times over. I only bought VT1 for the cosmetics in VT2 since I was not aware of VT1 existence before. After playing a good 1k hours on VT2 my friends and I decided to run some VT1 just for fun. And I was disappointed when I found that the lore book and the pages that were scattered on the maps, were present in VT1 but not on VT2. Please sharks ring this feature back to life and enhance it. The above post contains excellent ideas.

Would I love this? Absolutely. Should it have been in the game from the start? Also yes.

I would be done to picking up lore book pages like in V1 instead of Ravaged Art pieces since I’ve completed all of those achievements.

I just wish those art pieces would work the same way as those lore book pages and stop spawning once you completed them. Would be nice if I never got that weekly quest again too.

It’s a cool idea all in all. The room accessible through the secret tunnel behind the Emporium belongs to the painter however, so maybe it’s not the best place to stash Lohner’s journals. In any case, there is a mostly empty room at the top level of the Keep that was never given any real purpose. It looks like a place where they’d gather for a drink.

It’s true. There was no link to this story in Steam. So if you don’t look at the official website, you can skip it. Thanks, I just went over and read this.

In general, I approve of all Taal Horns Kееp’s decorating ideas.

Yea, I also missed that one completely. If not for a post in the Steam Forum I wouldn’t have known at all. Although we got one in this forum here as well.

Yea, I know that. Would still be a neat hiding place for it. I mean whereelse could it be stored. Apparently Lohner never sleeps as he has no bedroom. I think would prefer a centralized place for all Lore although it would be nifty to spread it over the Keep. Makes “unlocking” these rooms a bit more meaningful as well.